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Any Paxil users?

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#1 of 26 Eve T

Eve T

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Posted August 16 2003 - 09:49 AM

Hi gang. As many of you might recall, I have been struggling with severe depression. (That's what my doc calls it)

Yesterday he prescribed me the drug "Paxil" and after 1 day of being on it I can tell you I feel like CRAP! Posted Image

I am lethargic, I have lost my strength, I kinda feel hot flashes sometimes and am restless.

It's a beautiful day here almost 90 degrees and sun shiny and yet I haven't been able to get motivated or even dressed much less get off this couch and go outside.

Has anyone else felt like this on this drug? If so, how long were your symptoms? Did they go away with time? Get worse?

I know it's only been a day, I do hope I don't feel like this tomorrow.


#2 of 26 David Susilo

David Susilo


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Posted August 16 2003 - 10:12 AM

I used to take Paxil. My personal take on it? Don't use it! I'd rather be depressed than feeling lethargic and thirsty 24/7.

My cure?

I went nuts and bought St. John's Worts capsules from Costco and took TRIPLE dosage for the first week, tapered it DOWN to DOUBLE dosage the second week, and again down to recommended dosage. (as per recommended by my physician)

I'm on my 5th week.

Although the feeling of depression does not dissipated as well as Paxil, it reaches the level that I can extremely easy handle the depression but without the tired and thirsty feeling whatsoever.

YMMV, though.

#3 of 26 Drue Elrick

Drue Elrick

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Posted August 16 2003 - 10:59 AM

I haven't used Paxil, but have tried other anti-depression medications. The important thing to realise is that YOU are in control. Side effects will happen with pretty much all medication. Its up to you to decide if they are worth tolerating and continuing the medication. Keep in mind that side effects are generally there for the initial 2-4 week period of use and tend to taper off.

Also, I would recommend keeping a daily log of your meals, activities, times of medication, etc. It helps in deciding whether something may be a side effect vs. a bad piece of fish you ate. I've noticed that some medications can have 'burps' in side effects if there are wide time differences in the time you take a dose from day to day. And keep your doctor informed of what you have felt/experienced. They are there to help you and can do a much better job if you tell them. Posted Image

#4 of 26 Eric Samonte

Eric Samonte


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Posted August 16 2003 - 02:05 PM

Also remember that antidepressants actually take after at least 4 weeks of use, though most if not all of the side effects do disappear before such time. Deciding on a medication after only a few days intake is not good. Patients have to be in contact with their doctors to inform them of such things but most of the time, they should have been informed beforehand.
Trust ur physician and please do keep him/her in the loop.

#5 of 26 Rain



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Posted August 16 2003 - 02:08 PM

I suffer from chronic anxiety and short bouts of minor depression and have heard Paxil has been used to treat symptoms such as mine as well.

I had a friend who suffered chronic anxiety who tried it. She did experience improvement to her symptoms after a short course, but then again was going through some major life changes (including falling in love with someone) at the same time. So I can't really say if the drugs helped or if it was more a matter of circumstance.

I'm reluctant to try drugs, but I'll be following this thread closely. I'd be interested to hear how it works for you, Eve.

Best of luck...and remember we are here to listen if you need us. Posted Image

"Imagine all the people, living life in peace..." - Imagine by John Lennon

#6 of 26 Christopher P

Christopher P

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Posted August 16 2003 - 02:19 PM

I have the Rain combo of anxiety/depression and have been on Paxil for a while. My Dr. started me out on 10mg for a week and I didn't notice any real change. Then 1 or 2 weeks at 20mg, then up to 30mg where I am now. I must say the first week or 2 I was at 30mg I felt so tired during the day, I could have dozed off at my desk a work. But after those 1 or 2 weeks that tiredness went away. I can't say how much I owe to the Paxil, but I started having good nights sleep, not lying awake at night thinking about things like I used to. So once the good rest started, the better I felt during the day. The only other real side effect I had was sexual:
For a couple weeks I found it very hard (pun not intended) to ejaculate. Had no problem "performing" but couldn't orgasm
Luckily that went away. PHEW

Those are all the side effects I had after being on it for 18 months or so.


#7 of 26 Eve T

Eve T

    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 16 2003 - 04:10 PM

Thanks for the input guys.

I've heard a lot about weight gain and this concerns me. I was wondering if it makes you more hungry or if it has something to do with water weight gain or glands or whatnot?

So far I have pretty much lost my appetite. One bonus is that I haven't really wanted to smoke that much today and usually smoke around 2 packs a day. I am still nursing my first pack from last night, so I suppose that's a good thing.

I do seem to be more thirsty though.

#8 of 26 David Susilo

David Susilo


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Posted August 17 2003 - 12:25 AM

The qeight gain is actually due to the thirst. Sometimes our brains are fooled into thinking that we're hungry although in fact we're thirsty. That what causes the weight gain.

I also experienced what Christopher P put in spoiler tag.

#9 of 26 MarkHastings


    Executive Producer

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Posted August 17 2003 - 02:59 AM

Eve, Paxil is the most common drug to go on when you start out with depression meds. As Eric states, it'll probably take a while for the meds to actually enter your blood stream so you'll have to give them a while before you can definitely say that they are "bad" for you.

The other things with depression meds is that all of them are pretty much the same, it's just that people react differently to each one, so make sure you are very patient with the Dr. in trying to find out which medication is best for you.

Again, since everyone reacts differently to each of the drugs, it may seem like your Dr. is just guessing at which drugs to put you on (and in fact, sometimes they have to because of what I just described). After a few weeks, if the symptoms don't disapear, tell the Dr. and he/she will probably switch you to something different. You may have to go through many different pills to find the one that works best with you.

I know I went through 6 or 7 different ones to find the one that worked for me. And they'll even try combinations of different ones at different strengths. It's amazing how they are all basically the same, yet they all worked differently for me. It may take a long time to find out the right combination for you, but you gotta stay persistant.

Don't give up so quickly. Too many people start the pills, experience the side effects and immediately think the drugs are bad for them. persistence and not giving up will be your best defense to ridding depression.

Again, there will be plenty of times when you think that the pills aren't doing anything and are making you "worse" and it'll be very frustrating to try differnt ones, but remember - that's the depression/anxiety talking. Learn all you can about the meds - Go to their web sites and read as much as you can about them. Knowing exactly what they do (medically speaking) can sometimes make you feel better.

I wish nothing but the best for you and hope your recovery makes you a stronger person Posted Image and that you learn to love life and yourself.
Posted Image

#10 of 26 Jason Hughes

Jason Hughes

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Posted August 17 2003 - 08:30 AM

Try Lexapro. Worked for me after a few weeks and ZERO, I mean ZERO side effects. Things that used to upset me (women, work, a Friday or Saturday when I can't find anything to do or whatever ) I can roll my eyes at and not even be remotely bothered by them.
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#11 of 26 Jeffrey Noel

Jeffrey Noel


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Posted August 17 2003 - 02:23 PM

I was on Paxil for awhile for symptoms just like Rain, but finally had the doctor switch me to something else (Celexa). Paxil made me have very weird and VIVID dreams and whenever I'd forget to refill my prescription, the withdrawal was horrible. I felt like I was going to pass out every now and then. But Paxil did help my problems.
God bless!
jeffrey noel

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#12 of 26 Wayne Ernst

Wayne Ernst


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Posted August 17 2003 - 04:28 PM

I took Paxil for 18 months to treat anxiety/panic. Also, the paxil worked quite well for the depression. There were some side effects: facial twitches and umm ... the sexual side effect. But, I weaned off of the med without any problems. About a month after I stopped, the panic and anxiety came back with a vengeance. My doctor put me back on Paxil, but it didn't work.

I was switched over to Celexa and after a year, I was converted to Lexapro. In my experience, the Lexapro is not as effective with the depression as Paxil was. But, the Lexapro is awesome for anxiety and panic. But, I still feel very lethargic. It's great how the med calms me ... but, I'd like some energy and enthusiasm, too.

Also, I've heard Paxil CR is not too bad. Since it's a controlled release, maybe some of the side effects won't be as pronounced.
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#13 of 26 Ryan Spaight

Ryan Spaight

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Posted August 18 2003 - 05:27 AM

I can add a "me, too" to the experiences above.

I've been on and off Paxil for the last five years. Starting on it gives me nausea, fatigue, and the dreaded "spoiler" side effect above. (Haven't had a problem with weight gain. Of course, my most recent anxiety episode prevented me from eating, so I lost 15 pounds in a couple weeks. That makes it tough to really be sure.) Those went away after a few weeks (though I'm still somewhat more lethargic than I was before). Around the same time, the benefits started to kick in. Don't give up until at least the 4-6 week mark.

I'm taking it for anxiety/panic, and it helps quite a bit. The best way I can describe it is that it reduces the "size" of the anxiety enough that you can keep it under control, instead of it being huge and overwhelming. Ideally, you can "train your brain" while on Paxil so that you can control your anxieties without it. I'm still on it, so I haven't made it quite that far yet, but I'm getting there. Posted Image

By the way, getting off Paxil can be no fun. I weaned off of it, going from 20mg daily to 10mg daily to 10mg every other day, which helped. But after finally going cold turkey, I felt twitchy and light-headed for several days. Not debilitating, but not pleasant, either. It did go away after a couple weeks, and I felt pretty much as I did before the Paxil (unfortunately, with the anxiety included, which I controlled by myself pretty well until this past April.)

There was a thread titled "Nervous Breakdown" not too long ago that discussed a lot of this stuff, too.

Good luck with everything. I know this can be a really frustrating experience, but it *will* get better. Feel free to PM me if you want to talk more.


#14 of 26 Eve T

Eve T

    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 18 2003 - 12:32 PM

Thanks for the input.

Things I've noticed today:

I'm not "as" tired but still quite tired but something else is happening now which is a feeling hard to describe. My body (skin) mostly arms feel very uncomfortable. Like a pain on the skin almost like a burning type feeling comes over me on my arms. All upper body. It's not so uncomfortable that I cannot function, nevertheless I know it's there and it's constant which makes it very annoying.

I've had insomnia for quite some time and it seemed to help me sleep at least one night but now all I want to do is sleep and I can't. I just lay there staring at the wall not able to sleep with eyes wide open and that constant discomfort on my skin/arms.

My husband went and bought the medication and we don't have insurance. I had NO IDEA how much this stuff cost.Posted Image 100 dollars for 30 pills. Posted Image

We really can't afford this and there is no generic for Paxil so I'm kind of at a loss as to what to do.

I meet with a concelor this week. Should I bring this issue up with him? Maybe there is a similar drug that is not as expensive that maybe I can afford. Posted Image

#15 of 26 MarkHastings


    Executive Producer

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Posted August 18 2003 - 01:15 PM

Eve, there are definitely generic versions of most of the others (I definitely know there is a generic for Prozac). If the money is an issue, I'm sure the Dr. will have no problems switching to a generic version of one of the others.

Definitely let the Dr. know about everything you just described. I mean, it can't hurt so why hold back info from him.

#16 of 26 MarkHastings


    Executive Producer

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Posted August 18 2003 - 01:17 PM

p.s. Paroxetine is the generic name for Paxil.

#17 of 26 Eve T

Eve T

    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 18 2003 - 02:07 PM


The pharmacy told my husband when he went to pick up my meds that there was no generic for Paxil?

Were they lying to him just to make more money?

#18 of 26 Glenn Overholt

Glenn Overholt


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Posted August 18 2003 - 03:27 PM

Eve, I don't think that you are on Paxil.

When their patent was going to run out, they 'invented' something better, and got a new patent on it. I think it just has a few letters after Paxil, like Paxil CP.

Some of the uncomfortable feelings that you may be having may be 'side effects' that will not go away, but in any event your doctor should be told about them, just so he/she will know.


#19 of 26 Eve T

Eve T

    Supporting Actor

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Posted August 18 2003 - 04:27 PM

No, it's just plain Paxil.

The one that you mentioned is liquid form I believe and is more potent due to it's form being that of liquid and not tablet/pill.

I did a bit of reading on it today.

#20 of 26 Pamela


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Posted August 18 2003 - 05:44 PM

All drugs have a generic name, but not all drugs are sold in the generic form. New drugs are given patent protection to recoup research, development and marketing costs. Once the patent is up, companies can apply to the FDA to sell generic versions. According to the PDR, Paxil is not out in generic form yet.

Drug companies have programs to help those who need the drug, but cannot afford it. Here is the link to the program for free Paxil. You can also go to RxAssist for more info.