Hardware Review Sanus EF20 Euro Series Speaker Foundations Review

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    For an excellent way to prop up bookshelf speakers weighing up to 25 pounds and enhance the decor of your home, the Sanus EF20 Euro Series Speaker Foundations are a pair of cast-iron stands that allow you to hold the speakers in place with screws or adhesive tabs and allow a way to conceal speaker wire. For a relatively small investment, these speaker foundations are highly recommended.

    Sanus EF20 Euro Series Speaker Foundations

    Manufacturer: Sanus

    MSRP: $79.99

    Quantity in Box: 2

    Package Width: 23.50”

    Package Height: 4”

    Package Depth: 14”

    Package Weight: 15.5 lbs

    Product Width: 10.5”

    Product Height: 20”

    Product Depth: 12”

    Maximum Speaker Weight: 25 lb

    Review Date: December 5, 2011

    The Product:

    When I moved into my new apartment I realized that my new home theater was missing something: the ability to mount my speakers onto the beams of the ceiling. My new 7.1 surround setup consists of 6 Sony SS-B1000 speakers, which have no mounting holes and therefore cannot be mounted onto a ceiling mount. Luckily, my back surrounds could fit on a bookshelf in the back of the room. However, I needed something for the front left, front right, and front surrounds to keep them off the floor. For the front surround speakers I am using a pair of Sanus EF 20 stands.

    The speaker stands come in pairs of two in a cardboard box with cardboard inserts. You have to put it together, which requires nothing more on your part except a Phillips head screwdriver and 10-15 minutes to put them both together.

    Build Quality:


    Made out of cast iron, these stands are a bit heavy, but they can hold bookshelf speakers weighing up to 25 pounds. If, like my speakers, they have no mounting holes, you can simply use the enclosed adhesive tabs to hold the speakers in place; so far they have held them in place pretty well. The bottom of the stands feature a choice of spiked metal ends or smooth plastic ones to keep the base from scuffing the floor. If you have a carpet, as I do, I recommend the plastic ones.

    Aesthetic Quality:


    These are considerably more elegant than the NF series, with three feet a very attractive Additionally, they have a perfect way to conceal cables and keep them from getting tangled: inside the stand. Let’s face it: cables are ugly, and any way to conceal them as much as possible is welcome. The Euro series stands have two holes on the same side through which to thread the speaker wires. It’s relatively easy to pull them down but make sure you have something to catch them at either end; the holes aren’t big enough to stick your hand into, just individual fingers.

    Clarity of Instructions:


    The instruction manual offers the most extreme level of simplicity possible: drawings accompanied by the most basic English imaginable since Dick and Jane. There are more words written —in 17 languages, no less — describing the potential hazards of mishandling it than there are in putting it together.



    A strong, sturdy and aesthetically pleasing pair of speaker stands, the Sanus Euro series is an excellent value for the price. Highly recommended.

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