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    • Edge of Tomorrow Blu-ray Review
      Yesterday, 06:33 PM
      No, you’re not caught in a time loop. This is indeed a third – almost entirely different – HTF review of Doug Liman’s sci-fi action film starring Tom Cruise... Read More
    • Under Fire Blu-ray Review
      Yesterday, 02:05 PM
      There is a tangible “you are there” quality to Roger Spottiswoode’s brilliant Under Fire: whether one is lounging in a hotel by the pool or standing in the m... Read More
    • Pee-wee's Playhouse: The Complete Series Blu-ray Review
      Today, 12:49 PM
      Named one of the top 25 cult TV shows of all time and winner of 22 Emmy Awards, Pee-wee’s Playhouse remains one of the most imaginative and creative series e... Read More
    • The Believers Blu-ray Review
      Oct 20 2014 01:36 PM
      Oscar-winning director John Schlesinger made a spine-tingling thriller with Marathon Man, but luck wasn’t in his corner for a later film The Believers. Despi... Read More

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    Orb Audio People's Choice System Review

    Aug 15 2013 04:57 AM | Eben Atwater in Equipment Reviews

    What Orb sells is designed, manufactured and assembled here in the US: I don't know about you, but that sure does make a difference to me.

    Orb is employee-owned and dedicated purely to making great speakers. Contact the company and you'll talk to real employees who know what they're talking about and speaks with genuine passion for their craft. Everybody from owners to designers share duties answering phones and emails.

    Read story →    5 comments    -----    Ztagtest, Hardware, Subwoofer

    SVS Ultra 5.0 speaker review.

    May 22 2013 07:53 PM | schan1269 in Equipment Reviews

    Read Sam Chandler's review of the new SVS Ultra series speakers. Whether you're into music, movies or some combination inbetween, you'll want to read this write up on what promises to be one of the hottest home theater products of the year. -Ed.

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    Axiom Audio Epic 80 5.1 Channel Home Theater System Review

    May 15 2013 07:16 AM | Dave Upton in Equipment Reviews

    In the small but innovative world of Internet direct audio manufacturers, Canadian manufacturer Axiom Audio has been steady and consistent presence in a rather tumultuous industry. In 1980 Axiom Audio was born and by 1981 had released its first product. Founder Ian Colquhoun joined Canada’s National Research Council project with the iconic Dr. Floyd Toole, their focus on research aiming to standardize loudspeaker measurement – methodologies that are widely used today. By 1986 Axiom had released its second speaker and had garnered its first award. Since then, Axiom has grown and evolved but maintains the same focus on quality, customer service and audio purity that it has since its inception.

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    Ceton InfiniTV6-ETH Network Cable Card Adapter Review

    May 14 2013 10:46 AM | mattCR in Equipment Reviews

    From the beginning, I've followed Ceton. I received one of the very first InfiniTV4, in the first batch, as soon as they had them. I participated in the Echo and App Betas. And from the beginning, I loved the direction that Ceton was taking. Ceton was bringing real life to the cable card in Windows Media Center, and allowing us to do things that just we always wanted.. but Microsoft and others never pushed. ATI had their 2-Tuner external USB Cable Card device, but outside of being clunky it was nearly ungettable; you had to acquire it through specific sources and it's tuning capabilities were rather poor.

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    Panasonic TC-P55ST60 3D Plasma HTF Equipment Review

    May 13 2013 07:19 AM | mattCR in Equipment Reviews

    I’ve spent a lot of time this year focusing on our new theater room. In putting together that room, I wanted the best that I could get.. within reason, and I wanted to be able to have a theater that really brought the movie experience home. As we worked to build that room, I realized – with a little prodding – that I spend more than my fair share of time watching TV in our bedroom, and the 4+ year old Samsung 46” LCD we were using could use a refresh too.

    One of the decisions to make really revolves around how much money you really want to spend for what kind of quality. There is no doubt that cheap LCD big screens are available everywhere – no name brands with mixed quality. I wanted to get the highest quality possible at the best bang for the buck.

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    Yamaha RX-V375 Home Theater Receiver Review

    May 11 2013 08:08 AM | Todd Erwin in Equipment Reviews

    Yamaha’s entry-level receiver in their 2013 line, the RX-V375, is a simple, non-networked, 5.1 model featuring lossless audio decoding, 70 watts per channel, 4K and 3D pass-through, and Yamaha’s YPAO sound optimizer. Home Theater Forum received a sample from Yamaha to review, and we put it through the paces.

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    Anthem AVM 50v 3D Processor Review

    Apr 11 2013 06:54 AM | Dave Upton in Equipment Reviews

    Anthem AV – a sister company of Paradigm is well known for their high-end AV receivers, amplifiers and processors. Having not reviewed a high-end dedicated AV processor solution in the recent past, I was eager to see what the $6,499 MSRP AVM 50v 3D could do. Despite not being a major player in the mainstream A/V receiver market Anthem has a reputation for quality and innovation

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