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  • PC Gaming in the Home Theater, Finally!
    Some of us have reluctantly admitted that gaming in the home theater is something best done on consoles. Despite the best efforts of Sony and Microsoft to bring state of the art visuals to the PS4 and Xbox One, the quality and native resolution of console games often leaves much to be desired on the big screen. Is PC gaming ready for the home theater?
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WKRP In Cincinnati: The Complete Series Review (See Post... TV on DVD and Blu-ray Oct 04 2014
Ok, I got my set and I did a quick spot check of a few things that I felt were the most important.   First, I checked Turkey's Away for Pink Floyd. Nope, they are not there. However, the music that is used does have barking dogs and it does sort of sound like Pink Fl... Full topic ›
Batman The Complete TV Series Limited Edition (11/11)(Blu... TV on DVD and Blu-ray Jul 17 2014
    Thank you for supporting HTF when you preorder using the link below.  If you are using an adblocker you will not see link.   </div> <div... Full topic ›
The reduction of my optical disc collection has started t... Blu-ray Oct 28 2014
I've procrastinated for a very long time to reduce the duplicates of my almost 10,000 optical disc collection.  However, the time has come for me to start the inevitable in order to keep my collection to a more manageable quantity.  It simply does not make sense... Full topic ›
Disney Does it again...No 3D Bluray announced for "Ma... 3D Blu-ray Aug 04 2014
Once again Disney shows their true feelings of disregard for the bluray 3D format with their announcement of the home video release of Maleficent on November 4 with no mention of a 3D version whatsoever. I for one would like to know who in the marketing department ma... Full topic ›
Regarding LORD JIM and other Sony titles... Blu-ray Oct 28 2014
This list comes from a 2012 article in Home Theater Magazine and was posted on a DVD Forum thread called "The Official Mill Creek Sony Firesale Appreciation Thread." Notice that LORD JIM and AGNES OF GOD among many others we thought might come from TT have... Full topic ›

Featured Home Theater

  • Pirate Themed Home Theater
    Dan did a great job documenting the work he put into his pirate themed home theater. Framing, electrical, staining, painting, lighting, he did it all. You can read more about his fantastic theater and see lots more pictures here

A Few Words About - Robert Harris weighs in on the latest releases

  • A few words about...™ Pumpkinhead II -- in Blu-ray Pumpinhead II: Blood Wings is for horror addicts and Pumpkinhead completists only.   As released by Scream Factory, it falls into a category that I'd consider "okay" releases.   These are low-budget films, without a great deal of effort... Read More
  • A few words about...™ Monkey Shines -- in Blu-ray Scream Factory, which is a sub-label of Shout Factory, seems like the veritable "little engine that could," as they continue to release -- in consistently generally high quality -- films to Blu-ray for a waiting audience of collectors and cinephil... Read More
  • A few words about...™ The Dark Half -- in Blu-ray George Romero's The Dark Half, based upon the book by Stephen King, is an oddly interesting, and darkly humorous take, possibly with a bit of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde at its cortex.   Two sequences stand out in my memory.  The first occur... Read More
  • A few words about...™ The Doctor and the Devils -- in Blu-ray With an incredible background in comedy, and with Mel Brooks as its leader, Brooksfilms has created three very serious productions.   The Elephant Man - 1980   Frances - 1982   and   The Doctor and the Devils - 1985.   The... Read More
  • A few words about...™ Under Fire -- in Blu-ray Two very serious dramas by two fine filmmakers, released just three years apart, the overall tone of which are very different.   I've always seen Oliver Stone's Salvador as almost a buddy picture, that just happens to take place in a very ser... Read More
  • A few words about...™ Maleficent -- in Blu-ray Some fairy tale characters get a bum rap.   After due diligence, and months of research on Ancestry.com, the production team at Disney had all the required information to create a very interesting back-story.   Reading reviews, some may... Read More
  • A few words about...™ Elmer Gantry -- in Blu-ray I had huge concerns about Elmer Gantry, a film that I love.  Richard Brooks adapted the novel by Sinclair Lewis about scandal in the evangelist community -- a huckster involving himself in religion, and not being precisely what his congregant... Read More

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