Touraj Moghaddam, founder and CEO of Vertere Acoustics, has personally confirmed that the new Vertere Mystic Moving Coil Cartridge is available in the USA at a price of $2695 from the second week of December. Vertere is known for its “extreme” high-end designs and says its products are “loved” by audiophiles worldwide.

Vertere has also produced the Reference RG-1 Record Player and the Reference Tonearm, which the company says are among the “world’s best.” There is also a more affordable DG-1 Dynamic Groove Record Player which was launched in May at the international High End Hi-Fi show in Munich. But the company concedes that while the new Mystic Moving Cartridge is not revolutionary, it has combined “common sense, science and a little art” and has decided to decorate the block in a sapphire blue anodised finish.

The key here, according to the company, was to balance design parameters by delivering a cartridge that stays in the groove, retrieves the maximum musical information and is least affected by old or damaged records. Vertere claims that some designers optimise one parameter, sometimes to the exclusion of others, and that these products are often the most talked about, as they are loved or detested in equal measure by the audiophile community. The Touraj way is not to achieve a system which favors closed miked jazz over rock, for example, or symphonic over punk. By contrast, Vertere strives to produce a system that allows most records in a collection to be played and enjoyed.

When Vertere launched the DG-1 Touraj said: “The job of a record player is very simple, and very linear it has to allow the most accurate measurement of a something going past the stylus and throwing it from side to side over 1000 times every centimetre.”

Mystic Specifications

Type: Moving Coil Phono Cartridge
Mounting: M2.5 Threaded Holes, Special Tri-Point Contact
Output level: 0.5mV
Frequency response: 10 Hz -40 kHz (-3dB)
Coil Impedance (per Channel):  40Ω
Recommended load: 680 Ω – 1k5 Ω, 220pF – 470 pF
Channel balance: Better than 1.0 dB
Recommended tracking weight: 2.0g (1.9g – 2.1g)
Cantilever: Aluminium Alloy 7000, Two-piece Telescopic
Stylus: Micro Elliptical Diamond
Weight: 9.1 g

We didn’t locate a separate page detailing the new product, but we suggest keeping an eye on the Vertere website for more information.

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Martin Dew