If you’ve got money to burn and you want to add a bit of glam to your AV rack, you could stump up $1,500 for the McIntosh LB100 Light Box, which was announced by the company over the weekend. The rack-mountable box includes the eponymous green logo in that well-rehearsed McIntosh copperplate font, and the reassuring tagline below, ‘Handcrafted in the USA since 1949’, will surely get any high-end audio fan salivating.

The product measures 17.5 in (44.45cm) x 6 in (15.24cm) x 11.625 in (29.05cm) and weighs 12 pounds (5.2kg). But get this: the real coup d’état here is that it will actually turn your AV or audio gear on or off via 12v trigger. According to McIntosh, the unit is ‘about the same size as one of our CD players’ and ‘will easily fit into any standard audio/video rack, on a piece of furniture or stacked with other McIntosh gear for easy placement.’

Clearly built and finished to the usual McIntosh exacting high-spec, with LED backlighting no less, one can only imagine how exquisitely forged the steel panels of the casing will indeed be. Given the timing of this news release, several bloggers and publications have speculated whether this might be an April Fools prank, but that appears not to be the case.



After all, you could convince your friends that your whole system is powered by McIntosh, but if you’ve got $1,500 lying around for a light box, why would you need to? Come on, let us know if you’re going to order one. Somebody here on the forum must take the McIntosh LB100 Light Box Challenge!

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May 7, 2000
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Did I miss something? It weighs 12 pounds and does nothing more than provide 12 V trigger functionality?