Optoma has announced the launch of three new home theater and gaming projectors, priced from $799 to $1,799, which the company says offer “superior gaming and cinematic experiences” and comprise the following three models: UHD52ALV, HD39HDR, and GT1080HDR (pictured above).

First, the $1,799 UHD52ALV is a 3,500 lumens 4K UHD projector, and includes Amazon Echo, Google Assistant and IFTTT compatibility. As well as offering voice commands for basic functionality, you will also be able to control the onboard 4K UHD media player. The unit has HDR10 and HLG compatibility, plus two HDMI inputs, and wireless mobile screen mirroring.

The $799 HD39HDR is directed more towards gamers with its “lag-free” enhanced gaming mode to achieve up to 120Hz refresh rates and 8.4ms response times. The projector includes a 4K input with HDR10 color compatibility – but tops out at 1080p resolution – and 4,000 lumens of brightness supporting screen sizes up to 140 inches diagonally. You also get a 10-watt speaker, 1.3x zoom and built-in keystone correction.

Finally, the $799 GT1080HDR is specifically targeted at gamers with its short throw, while offering 1080p resolution, HDR, 4K inputs, and 3,800 lumens’ brightness. The 120Hz refresh rate with 8.4ms response time should also prevent any lag, and the PJ has HDMI 2.0 connectivity combined with a VGA input, and a built-in 10W speaker.

“As a global leader in 4K projection, we are committed to delivering superior picture quality and performance and by leveraging customer data, we continue to enhance the user experience,” stated Maria Repole, head of marketing, Optoma Technology. “With gaming and home theater enthusiasts in mind, Optoma designs intuitive features, resulting in more immersive gaming and cinematic experiences,” added Repole.

The latter two 1080p models above are available now, but you’ll have to wait until October for the UHD52ALV. You can get more information from Optoma here.


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Not much new in this announcement. I wish manufacturers would put an ATSC tuner into projectors. After all, if they're putting in "Smart TV" apps, why not also have the option to get OTA TV? And really, they should partner with Amazon or Roku for the smart TV OS. I never use built-in apps in TVs / projectors and get external streaming devices instead.