Focal and Naim present new Ash Grey finish bundle hi-fi system

Focal and Naim have unveiled a hi-fi system combining the Aria K2 926 loudspeaker and Uniti Star all-in-one player, both using the company’s exclusive Ash Grey finish color scheme. The ‘Ash Grey finish bundle’, as it appears to be informally known, will set you back $10,999 and become available late summer of this year. The two manufacturing brands, both of which reside under the VerVent Audio Group umbrella, claim they are delivering the best of French audio and English electronics, and can therefore “create outstanding, all-round systems for home listening.”

The Aria K2 926 loudspeaker is produced in France and includes Focal’s K2 aramid fiber power cone, which the brand claims can achieve dynamic sound and high-power handling with lots of character.The Uniti Star all-in-one player, meanwhile, is fashioned in the UK and capitalizes on the accompanying loudspeakers’ performance. The player allows smart music management across multiple sources, including streaming platforms, CD players, turntables and displays. The Uniti Star can therefore be used as a music and entertainment hub for CD playback, radio station selection, access to streaming services and TV audio.

The bundle’s Ash Grey finish is extracted from Focal’s extreme-performance Utopia headphones line. The brands say this is a first for the Aria K2 926 to be presented in a package with the Naim all-in-one player to create a “unique and exclusive” offer combining performance and aesthetics. The offer includes a pair of high-end NAC A5 cables (157.5 inches/4m) as well as three months’ free access to platforms TIDAL and Qobuz (for new users only). For more information, go to the Focal/Naim’s Ash Grey bundle offer page here.

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