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  1. N

    advice on Wharfedale speakers

    we've got a Marantz 5.1 amp and wharfedale speakers (unsure of the models) - 2 floor standing speakers, 2 surround 1 sub and 1 centre speaker. We would like to get rid of the floor standing speakers and replace them with something like these...
  2. Rairun

    Matching center for Wharfedale 9.6

    Hi, I've been using my 9.6s for many years and I love them. I want to buy a center speaker that matches them for home theatre use. Since 9 series center speakers are not available anymore, what would you recommend? (I'm in Germany.) For example, Diamond 220C costs 163 Euro on Amazon...
  3. H

    Wharfedale floor standing speakers

    Hi Almost every model that people ask about in many forums, The answer is always: this is entry level Can you help me to understand which Wharfedale is better as stand speakers for movies? I will add center, sub and rear speakers too all will connect to new Denon 2300 Valdus Vardus...