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  1. S

    First home theater; house in design phase

    Hey everyone! I am in the process of designing (well, paying someone to design) my new home. We have had lots of back-and-forths about the kitchen, porch, bathrooms, windows, etc., (wife's priorities). Obviously, right before we submit for permitting, I'm allowed to talk about my home...
  2. Curry

    Need advice on surround sound on new construction house

    I’m building a house and wanting to have a custom surround sound system built into the ceilings and walls. Any advice on receivers, speakers, and ceiling subs? I don’t really want the sub in the wall or standing by itself. I have a 75” sony tv for the living room. The room is 20’x20’ roughly...
  3. Peter Donovan

    Deciding between 7.2 or 5.2.4 in new house

    I’m having a new home built next spring. I won’t have a dedicated home theater. My open plan great room (approx 20’ x 25’) is going to need to be my TV/audio area. I will have traditional speakers for L-R-C (currently have a Q Acoustics set up with the Concept 40’s in my condo), however surround...
  4. A

    Help Me Find 3 lost/rare episodes of Bear in the Big Blue House

    If anyone can help me find 3 lost bear in the big blue house episodes, I will compensate them somehow. My kid loves this show and I am trying to find the last 3 episodes that are lost. Season 4 Episode 13 - Appreciation Day Season 5 Episode 3 - Great Ball of Firefighters Season 5 Episode 4 -...