1. Fraschumi

    Samsung HW-Q950A

    Hi, If I buy a Samsung HW-Q950A I understand I'll have to connect it via the eARC HDMI port of my TV. Then I'd have to plug all my other devices to my soundbar input ports. The Samsung HW-Q950A has 2x HDMI inputs. What if I have to connect: -Apple TV -Blu ray disc player -Jvc XP EXT1 headset...
  2. J

    Earc feature on receivers

    I'm looking to buy a 4k receiver, and I was wondering if I should buy one with Earc ? From what I've read it seems like an important feature to have for the future. Do you guys agree ?
  3. J

    eARC on 2018 QLED Displays

    Does anyone have any insider info on Samsung's intent to do a firmware update on 2018 QLED displays to upgrade the ARC ports to eARC?