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  1. J

    Help Needed. Second hand speakers

    Hi everyone, I am after a bit of help, i currently have a denon 2309 7.1 avr which is working pretty well and i am happy with. I am currently using a budget Eltax jupiter speaker system which i have had for about 8 years. (2x tower, 1x center, 2x small bookshelf). Teamed up with a B&W AS2...
  2. A

    Elac debut 5.2

    Is there any better bookshelf speaker or tower speaker than ELAC DEBUT B5.2 under 250 dollar per pair? Any user of elac debut B5.2 here? And is elac debut B5.2 better than klipsch R-15M bookshelf speaker??
  3. Aaron Silverman

    Klipsch RP-160M vs. RP-600M vs. RP-???M

    So one of my front speakers is cracklin' its way to an early grave (the third of the four in the original set), so it's time to replace 'em. (I will eventually pick up the matching center, but not just yet, 'cause my TV died too! Stay tuned for THAT thread. ;) ) Use is mainly movies and TV, but...