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    After almost a year, still glad to be sitting out format war

    People were saying that years ago and HD discs have remained a niche market. There are factors mentioned here by myself and others that compete with HD discs including convenience and portability. Whether you're Joe Sixpack or Joe Dom Perignon, you might value those other factors more than...
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    After almost a year, still glad to be sitting out format war

    Boycotts would likely override any gains in disc sales. The growing download industry would be happiest I'm guessing.
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    Holy Smokes - November Criterion!

    Finally Berlin Alexanderplatz!!! Great cover, but it's ruined a bit by the Criterion logo.
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    Backlash for Classic Cartoon releases?

    How about by laughing at the human condition rather than at derogatory stereotypes. Mel Brooks' genius in Blazing Saddles took the human condition of laughing at stereotypes and twisted it into an absurdity that was too funny to stop and wonder what the laughter was about! It's humor that shines...
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    October Criterions

    Well, I'll be the first(?) to applaud the release of Mala Noche. I remember long ago that Plexifilm had this one on it's schedule then it disappeared.
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: Cult Camp Classics Vol. 1: Sci-Fi Thrillers

    Nice reviews of these collections. A couple from this set were shown during "summer camp" at a local museum recently. I saw Queen. It was loads of fun watching it with an audience of assorted geeks and their unsuspecting guests. Subtext?... How about: Kill All Ugly Women! My favorite parts were...
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    Popeye the Sailor: Volume 1 (1933-1938) 7/31

    Thanks for that link! I didn't realize you could google patents specifically. A number of sites do refer to the device as a Rotograph, but just looking at the word itself (which I didn't see mentioned in the patent) leaves me skeptical. An explanation someone posted under a youtube Popeye...
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    Popeye the Sailor: Volume 1 (1933-1938) 7/31

    Well, I'm obviously uncertain about the terms (I should probably rewatch the documentary on the Dreamland disc). But at the risk of being overly pedantic, here's my understanding of the three processes used in varying combinations: Stereo-optic - multi-planed sets to create depth...
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    Popeye the Sailor: Volume 1 (1933-1938) 7/31

    ok... so Rotographing was using Rotoscoping in a Stereo-optic Process? I found the term quoted on the back of the dvd case, haven't checked what the patent is in the shorts.
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    Popeye the Sailor: Volume 1 (1933-1938) 7/31

    ...just checked, "Stereo-optical Process" is what the 3D technique was dubbed.
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    Popeye the Sailor: Volume 1 (1933-1938) 7/31

    The Somewhere In Dreamland set of color Fleischer's includes use of that 3D technique in a number of shorts. They are even more "eye-popping" than the Popeye examples imo. I could be wrong, but I think Rotographing was a method of rotoscoping used to translate live action to animation. The 3D...
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    Possible Release of Disney's "Song of the South"?

    I just wanted to see that again. Lovely.
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    Collected shorts of Jan Svankmajer, June 10

    Yes! I've been waiting for this. I was hoping that Jabberwocky would be included (the sequence with the puzzle blocks and the cat jumping through is one of my favorites from any of his films).
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    Looney Tunes Volume 4: 11/14/06

    Tell me you're really Stephen Colbert. That man is hiLArious! I can't take your arguments seriously so in respect of the forum (and Robert's noting this topic as a hijack) I will agree to disagree.
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    Looney Tunes Volume 4: 11/14/06

    Labelling something as "of it's time" is useful for historical perspective, but does nothing to negate the fact that blacks were ridiculed for having dark skin, big lips and bulging white eyes. Nor does it disprove the fact that this ridicule is represented as well as reflected in animation. The...