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    Landmark Theatres (Spectrum 8, Albany, NY) "Happy Birthday, Mr. Hitchcock" film series - August

    After searching various other Landmarks this series is also showing in Anapolis MD.
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    Landmark Theatres (Spectrum 8, Albany, NY) "Happy Birthday, Mr. Hitchcock" film series - August

    My local Landmark Theater (Spectrum 8, Albany NY) is showing the following movies on Tuesdays in August. August 2: NORTH BY NORTHWEST (1959) August 9: STRANGERS ON A TRAIN (1951) August 16: THE BIRDS (1963) August 23: SHADOW OF A DOUBT (1943) August 30: VERTIGO (1958) I'm not sure how wide...
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    2022 At The Box Office

    Another great hold for Maverick and Elvis also had a good 2nd week drop off. With the release of Minions, Lightyear has died.
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    Netflix Netflix Series - Stranger Things 4

    I liked the extra long run time but would have liked to have been able to see it in IMAX.
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    The Flash (2023)

    I definitely think that something did snap with Ezra in January, other than the choking incident in 2020, they seem to have only had major trouble since January. Ezra was at least functional before then.
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    Weekly RoundUp 7-5-2022

    Downton Abbey and Everything Everywhere All At Once. I picked up the blu-ray criterion version of The Virgin Suicides last July and I don't see a need to upgrade that movie to UHD.
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    Lightyear (2022)

    Pixar definitely did mess up communicating with audiences that this is just a stand alone movie with very little connection to the Toy Story franchise.
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    Titanic (1997)

    Converted HFR would just be a slightly improved version of the terrible frame interpolation mode of TVs that Tom Cruise did PSA's against.
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    Lightyear (2022)

    The text at the beginning of the movie says that this was Andy's favorite movie and it came out in 1995.
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    2022 At The Box Office

    Also Maverick just became Tom Cruise's first Billion dollar film.
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    Elvis (2022)

    I loved this movie, it was electrifying. Austin Butler was incredible.
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    2022 At The Box Office

    This is one week where the actuals could completely flop this, Maverick and Elvis are only $176 apart from each other.
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    2022 At The Box Office

    Deadline has Elvis and Maverick fighting for number 1 with a million or two between them.
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    Lightyear (2022)

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    PHE Press Release: Star Trek: The Motion Picture: Fully Restored Director's Edition (4k UHD) (Paramount+ Streaming)

    I will probably just get the TMP director's cut and VI. I have the I - IV box set and I don't need to see V again.