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    time to replace my mains. need some advice.

    my listening habits are probably 95% movies / 5% music. I rather stick with floorstanders because my room is about 20'x20'x9'. I'm running 2 pairs of AR bookshelfs for surrounds and a 10" Dayton subwoofer. I'm also planning on upgrading to a Hsu Research VT3-MK3 sub in about 2 months also. If...
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    time to replace my mains. need some advice.

    hello i am currently running a pair of old school Sansui U810 mains along w/ a JBL EC35 center. I am thinking of ditching the Sansui and upgrading to a pair of JBL floorstanders to timber match my center. I've read this forum that the Northridge series has been discontinued and replace w/ the...
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    FT/FS: brand new XBOX 360 games

    Tony Hawk Project 8 (sealed) wants: Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas (XB360) Infernal Affairs Trilogy boxset (R3)
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    Center Channel Speaker Shelf for TV

    Anthony_C, the base is MDF. The rest is just douglas fir. I painted everything w/ a semi-gloss black paint.
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    Center Channel Speaker Shelf for TV

    I just built my own w/ materials I got from Home Depot. Having the center channel sit on top of a $3000 TV sounds rather risky to me. Mines is sitting below the TV while pointing up at the viewer. The total cost of the materials cost about $25. tony
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    F/T XBox 360 game (GUN) for DVDs

    ScottC, sorry, I didn't see anything on your list that I want. I'll just wait and see if anyone else here has either of my wants. thanks tony
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    F/T XBox 360 game (GUN) for DVDs

    alan halvorson, good point. I didn't even notice that. Too bad I can't edit the title anymore. thanks anyway tony
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    F/T XBox 360 game (GUN) for DVDs

    hello I have GUN XB360 for trade. It's opened and played just once. I'm looking for: Sin City: Unrated, Extended Band of Brothers Cinderella Man Collector's Edition thanks tony
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    FS: Prices Lowered Again on Many Titles! Lots to Choose From!

    tina, ygm again regaring "24 season 2" this time. thanks
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    Center Speaker placement vs. TV

    Mark i would avoid putting the center on top of the DLP, considering how expensive your TV is compared to the center channel. I have a DIY center channel stand that I use to tilt my center up towards the listening position in my setup. I have a 50" LCD projection Tv. It sounds perfectly fine...
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    how high the speaker stand should be for 12'' high speaker?

    iris if you have some free time, it is quite easy to build your own speaker stand. I built 4 of mines with materials purchased from Home Depot. The final product is only a fraction of the cost of the retail stands. tony