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    Weekly RoundUp 3-6-2007

    Night of the Comet for me, my guiltiest of all guilty pleasures.
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    M*A*S*H Martini Collection Heads Up

    I have been looking for this collection and refused to pay the $225 and up that it is going for on Ebay. Couldn't find any e-railers or retailers that had it in stock until last week. I found it for $159.99 at http://www.wherehouse.com if anyone else is out there looking for it at an affordable...
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Limited Edition Complete Boxed Set

    Wow, those pictures made me decide to say the heck with it, I don't like the packaging. I'll be cancelling my order.
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Limited Edition Complete Boxed Set

    It's listed on amazon.com for only $139.99 right now. Buffy set for $139.99
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    Buffy the Vampire Slayer - Limited Edition Complete Boxed Set

    My wife and I want to pick up the new set, but she is hesitant to get rid of the current sets we have, just in case. The way I see it is, once it is out and I have it in my hands, there will still be people willing to buy the individual seasons off of ebay. No matter what, it will still be...
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    how many tv on dvd titles do you own(number)?

    Right now I have 145 sets/titles/seasons.
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    DVD Repair Kits?

    Bob, I was able to locate the catalog on the website at: Catalog Download The most inexpensive model is $495.
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    What's the last TV DVD/Blu-ray you bought?

    Miami Vice was the last one for me.
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    Angel: Season 5 Observations

    I guess I am a little ahead of some of you. I received a review copy last week and already blazed through the season. As mentioned previously, Angel has never looked or sounded this good.
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    Completed Series?

    As of right now: X-Files Buffy Futurama Family Guy (existing episodes)
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    FS: Gently used 15gb iPod

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    How do you find time?

    I make the time to chill in the home theater and watch a movie or some TV on DVD. For me it's part of my drive to let nothing be in control of my life.
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    When did you start collecting TV shows?

    The first TV on DVD I bought was X-Files season 1 in 2000. I now have 100+ different season DVD titles. Everything from Angel to X-Files. My wife and I both like the option of watching a show like 24 over a long weekend instead of having to wait week to week to see what happens next.
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    What are YOUR top ten DVDs of 2004?

    In no particular order: Star Wars Trilogy: Finally Gone With The Wind: Glad I waited, this is beautiful Return of the King EE: What needs to be said? Matrix 10 Disc SE: Yeah, I know, the last two sucked, so what? The Last Samurai: Really enjoyed this one, thought the DVD was nicely done...
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    What are the best made-for-TV movies available on DVD?

    If going with mini-series, I would have to place a vote for Shogun, one of my favorites. Another would be Centennial...and a hope for this one to someday be released on DVD.