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    Polaroid is doing instant film again.

    here's an old instant image I actually bothered to scan and upload. It don't look all that great in digital form as the colours and details are a bit off from the print. [/img]
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    Polaroid is doing instant film again.

    They are just regular consumer level plastic cameras, just old. Stuff you will find in boots and thrift shoppes for 3$. But some of them do have glass lenses and tripod sockets.
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    Polaroid is doing instant film again.

    Yep, that the main problem. The only reason I use instant is to get prints fast, on site, on location, to pass around to share or give away. Most of the time the prints are given to people I only meet that one time, and never again. It's a lot clunkier to have to ask them for their email...
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    Polaroid is doing instant film again.

    I have not tried in a while Sam, but has Apple improved printing direct on the iPhone? Last time I tried it require too many workarounds.
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    Polaroid is doing instant film again.

    Anyone else excite about the rebirth of Polaroid as an instant film distributor? I sure am, I'm on my last 3 packs of 600 integral film. My Fujifilm supply is enough for my instant packfilm needs. So I have not given up on instant photography completely. I'd probably be buying directly from...
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    Experimenting with long exposure

    I decided to use a film camera for fireworks. It just seems so much simpler, setting it on bulb mode at the lowest iso, with a tripod and cable release. Also gonna be trying out some Fujifilms FP100 instant film as well.
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    Not on dvd afaik, It originally aired on FX, it only ran for one season, 13 episodes.
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    Which actor, in recurring roles, has been killed off the most?

    Sprague Grayden has been kill off many times in TV series. John Doe (2002) Joan of Arcadia (2005) Sons of Anarchy (2008) I was "expecting" her character to die, because of her past in these other shows but that never happened. 24 (2009) Over There (2005)(Canceled) Jerico (2006)(Canceled) Six...
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    Tim Russert died

    Spoke to him a number of times the past 15 years, Russert was a cool kat. I didn't really watch him on TV all that much, so not all that familiar with that side of him.
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    What have you done with your VCR?

    I still use a VCR but no longer use VHS! I use D-VHS at least once every month for longer term time-shifting of High Def TV shows and movies.
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    List of AC-3 RF audio gear

    an update sync added toshiba's and moved mcintosh to proper areas.
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    A real reason to get enthused about HD discs

    I agree! Audio is what made me purchase both formats. I'm currently enjoying BD a bit more because of the audio.
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    Advanced Audio Codecs via HDMI only?

    The disabled mixing seems like a good feature that an Meridian HD DVD player can add.
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    RCA's Stance on Next-Gen Media: We Quit

    Wow, Alpine Electronics! The return of the old ALPS-Motorolla!
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    RCA's Stance on Next-Gen Media: We Quit

    RCA made the "large hole" 45's!