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    Sony STR-DE698 Audio Missing

    Hello All....Long time since I have posted here...But still check in once in awhile.... I agree with John about the players settings...You want to enable DD & DTS in it's menu...but I thought I might add a few things.... Have you tried running thru your test tones to see if the tone is...
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    Looking for speaker suggestions

    What are the impedence ratings of the Sony speakers....some of those Sony all in one packages had 3ohm speakers and may not be doing your new receiver any good.... If you still have the manual For the Sony package it should give you the speaker impedence....if you don't have the manual and...
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    How do you split frequencys between multiple subs?

    There are several ways you could accomplish what you want... Yes you can use both crossovers...Receiver/Sub/s.....I do it in my bedroom system.... You could also run the 10" subs from the Front L/R preouts on the receiver....and the SVS off the Sub out....or You could run speaker wire to...
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    Who can solve this problem?

    Mark, Yes there are some settings that can help...and It is important to turn the sub off in the setup menu if you are not using it...otherwise the bass freqs will be trying to go out he sub out.... You might also try setting the mains to large, and the surrounds to small or No at the same...
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    Sony STRDA777ES - To repair or not to repair; that is the question

    Jim, I see you are in Boca Raton.... Over here in St. Pete/Clearwater, we have two Sony "Platinum" and one "Gold" rated service center. I would think that you might have similar, and not need to send off your DA 777ES to Sony, so shipping should not be an issue unless you just want to...
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    help - subwoofer

    Id like to chime in with my vote for the Sony sub.... A friend of mine was looking for a budget sub, and we considered the Dayton's from PE, both...the 10 & 12" but he had a L shaped room that I felt might be a little tough to pressurize with a single low power budget sub and that he might...
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    Center Channel Confusion : Def Tech CLR 2500 or CLR 3000 ???

    Greetings Arun, I also have not listened to the CLR 2500, and having BP 30s for mains, I upgraded from the CLR 2000 to the CLR 3000 because of the mid drivers match. I can say that the 3000 has been one of the best upgrades I have done to my system (Besides a SVS 20-39)and as far as speed...
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    Svs 20-39pci

    Demian, I also have Def Tech's, BP30s,CLR3000,BPX1.2s,and a CLR2000 for rear center, along with a 20-39PCI in a 20x15x8 room with the 20-39 in the front left corner. Anyone that has ever heard my setup, has always said it "Sounds Better Than Being There" when listening to music, or movies...
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    If you had a choice, Def Tech, Infinity, KEF

    Ok Guys, I admit I have not heard the Kef's, but I have always been a fan of Infinity's And as such I was almost hell bent on buying Infinity, untill the merger with HK. The older Infinity's to me were some of the cleanest sounding speakers I'd heard up until nowdays. With that thought in...
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    If you had a choice, Def Tech, Infinity, KEF

    Tommy, I don't know about the Elite, but with my Sony DA3ES (as a pre/pro) I play with all the options, and depending on bass & LFE content of the movie I might select small for the fronts with a low limit of 40 or 60 hz and I can also set the high limit for the LFE/Bass from 40 on up to 200...
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    If you had a choice, Def Tech, Infinity, KEF

    Tommy, I have the BP/30s and A CLR/2000 for my front sound stage in the same size room as yours. I think with matching 6.5" drivers across the front they are hard to beat. Mids and Mid Bass really hit you in the chest. My subs "2" corner located and stacked ( 1-15" & 1-10" ) are probably...
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    Replaced Driver... Interesting / Unusual Defect ?

    Easiest thing I have found to do is--Wooden toothpicks, stick into holes, then break off flush, and if it makes you feel better, a little Elmers wood glue. I've had good luck both ways. Hope this helps, Steve.
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    Subwoofer questions

    Maybe the Canadian spelling would be fuk-u-ok-a?
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    Onkyo or Sony?

    Geeze, Whats Up With That? :b
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    differences in Sony ES line (da1es/2es/4es)

    OH, and by the way, I run Def Tech's, which I am told, dip to 4 ohms quite regular. (By Def Tech via phone) I have not set the switch on the back of my 3ES to 4 ohms, and it never seems to overheat! I get nothing but clean sound!! IMO Go with the 2ES if you can't swing the 4 :D