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    Extended warranty for HDTV?? Don't be stupid...

    I got a 4 year warrenty with my Hitachi at CC. Cost like 350 I think. Usually I dont buy it but this time I did. I think I read that RPTVs have a 18% repair thingy. Does anybody know if CC will give me some money back if I never use it?
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    why won't Cox add more HD channels?

    If Cox was cheaper I would get digital. Got a TV but no digital service. Still havent bought a OTA reciever. I have 85 for tv and modem too. I dont want to spend over 100 on tv and internet. I wish they would provide you with just the regular channels in HD for the same price. Like what you...
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    The Fifth Element SE (CONSOLIDATED THREAD)

    I'm really tempted to get this disk! I have the first R1 release of the movie. I didnt get the SB version. Now with this I am tempted. GAH! I've never seen a SB version of a movie before and I wanna check it out on my Hitachi. And the special features! I think I will wait for a HD version of the...
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    Zenith DVB 318 & LG 7832 DVD Player merged thread

    I only use my DVB318 for 1080i. 480p and 720p is crap. Major image bleeding.
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    What TV shows are broadcast in widescreen?

    Scifi shows like Stargate SG1, Stargate Atlantis, Andromeda. I think Battlestar Galactica will be widescreen too. All letterboxed, Scifi isnt in HD yet.
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    Zenith DVB 318 & LG 7832 DVD Player merged thread

    If you install the new firmware can you backtrack to the old one? I want to try it out on DVI. Once I get a HD though I want to use DVI for that instead, so I will backtrack to the old one. Is that possible? Does it even make a difference? Hm....
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    Deep Discount DVD 20% Off Sale!

    Whoo hoo! I guess they decided to have it early this year! How great! Farscape DVDs here I come!
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    Earthsea on SciFi

    Scifi always makes pretty good trailers. Never read the books. Will prolly check this mini out though.
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    Simpson lip sync on SNL

    Yeah watch her show once or twice. She cant sing at all. Her sister can sing. Christina can sing. Britney at least doesnt sound horrible. Ashlee on the other hand......
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    Fifth Element R2 Superbit

    Maybe this will help. http://dvdanswers.com/index.php?r=0&s=8&c=24 They dont have the R2 SB though.
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    Bye, Bye Tru Calling? (Not yet!)

    It wasnt the best show but I was hoping it would come back on. It was just started getting good at the end! Maybe FOX will change their minds and air the already made ones? Apparently their reality series are bombing.
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    Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars is approaching

    I agree! Thats why I like it! The characters rock! Its not about the ships or the science but the characters. Once you watch enough to like the characters and care about them the show it great!
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    Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars is approaching

    So Rex, you watched seasons 1 and 2 of Farscape? Farscape is mostly about the characters. If you watch every ep from the beginning up you will probabaly love the show! Its not like Trek where you tune in to see what kinda aliens theywill have or what new ship is gonna pop up. You watch for...
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    Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars is approaching

    'Farscape' Pulls In Impressive Audience Author: Michael Hinman Date: 10-19-2004 Source: Watch Farscape While it didn't get the same numbers that "Battlestar Galactica" did last December on the Sci-Fi Channel, one thing producers for "Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars" can say about that...
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    Farscape: Peacekeeper Wars is approaching

    I want MORE! :D