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    How does your city rank for worst traffic?

    I dont think the Boston score is high enough - to get anywhere North or South of the city, you pretty much have to go right through the center of the city (central artery) where your commute is guaranteed to be at least an hour for the 3 miles of the artery. 128 is awful as well, although not...
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    2003 ML Baseball Playoff Discussion Thread

    HA! The Yankees lost! I'm a huge Minnesota fan this week! Down with the Yanks! Down with Torre and the rest of the bottomless pocketbook crew!
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    I Loathe Ticket Brokers - They Are The Scum Of The Earth

    Mark Hastings, How is price determined for collectible items? Is it determined by the manufacturer? In that case, there isn't a single baseball card on this planet that should cost more than $1. There isn't a single coin that should cost more than face value. The ONLY thing that keeps these...
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    I've just had 'the' conversation with my supervisor

    Thank you Todd. I'm actually sick and tired of people who are looking forward to being laid off because they want some "time off" or because they "hate their damn job." The reality is that most people don't like their job. It's nothing new, it's just that our society has become very good at...
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    I Loathe Ticket Brokers - They Are The Scum Of The Earth

    Jonathan makes a great point... thank you, Jonathan. According to some of the logic in this thread, scarcity or demand should have NO influence on price. Therefore, if you are fortunate enough to have a copy of a rare and in-demand collectible, you should not charge more than what the market...
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    I Loathe Ticket Brokers - They Are The Scum Of The Earth

    Mark and Mike, You are trying to compare items that most people consider necessities (batteries and gasoline) to luxury items such as tickets to sporting events. Come on, now...
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    CD writing software

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    2003-2004 NFL Season (Playoffs and coaching moves)

    The Titans are 3-1 on days when I engage with "mature relations" with my wife :)
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    Best friend tells me, he hates my guts.

    Does this qualify as one of those "personal" posts that Jack recently banned? Honestly though, you met this guy online, and he's your best friend?