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    Refresh rate question

    The onscreen display on your new set is telling you what kind of signal it's getting, not what it's displaying. Nothing is wrong. Try reading the manual.
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    Blu-ray on LCD TV

    The OP's set is 60hz, no frame interpolation to turn off.As a general rule, DVDs up converted by a BD player look better than when played on a standard DVD player.
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    Orei BDP M2

    Thanks for being our "beta tester" on this one. I've been looking for an inexpensive way to play BD titles not available in US versions.
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    Dealing With Symptoms of Vertigo

    iirc, diazepam=Valium...doesn't fix vertigo, just gets you high so you can tolerate it.If your vertigo is accompanied by hearing loss and/or ringing or a whooshing sound you may have Meneire's disease. Definitely see an ent specialist ASAP.
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    Help with hot cabinet

    Reface the cabinet with louvered doors.
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    LG Launches New LCD TV Styled As A CRT From The ’70s

    ^^^I once had a 19" JC Penney set with the "clicker" ultrasonic remote--I could jingle my keys to make it change channels.
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    Samsung is top HDTV manufacturer in US

    Samsung has the most effective marketing in the industry. It's also the most deceptive and unethical. I won't reward their patent infringement and lying marketing hype by purchasing any of their products.
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    Sharp Aquos 70-inch Smart TV for 60-inch price

    Refurbished=somebody returned one set and they want to sell it. This isn't a big deal, one can get open box prices on individual returned sets just about anywhere.
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    samsung led with panasonic bluray

    The 3D button on the remote is for actual 3D discs to be played on a 3D tv, not the old anaglyph (two color glasses) 3D. Ignore it.
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    TV options, Help!

    Agree on plasma. Check your local Sears store--they may have the Panasonic TC-P42S60 for about $499 new in the box. 1080p vs 720P for the Samsung 4500 you list, plus "smart" features for Netflix etc.
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    When exercise is abuse?

    I don't think you're overreacting. Perhaps you should research the guidelines/standards. Then get in touch with other parents who might be concerned--strength in numbers.
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    Switch to HDTV went quicker than to color TV

    What Gregg said. color debuted in 1953. It didn't work very well at all and there was very little color broadcasting until the early 60s. HD debuted in 1998, in a few markets only, and initially only one HD channel on satellite (HBO HD on DirecTV). The government had mandated a transition...
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    Consumer 3D TV Purchase Interest Eclipsed by Smart TVs

    3D never took off as a sole reason to upgrade, so it couldn't be "eclipsed" by "smart tv". I have a 3D "smart" tv and use the 3D but not the "smart" as I prefer to use a different source device (PS3, 3D BD player, or my Apple TV) for "smart" stuff.
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    Europe leads the way on Connected TV usage?

    Average bitrate on high speed internet connections is much higher in Europe than in the US, and it's a lot cheaper. That may have an effect on lower usage in the US.