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    Doctor Who Christmas Special 2010 BBCA

    I bought this episode off Amazon the day after it aired. Excellent program, one I will be watching at least a couple more times. I enjoy revisiting old DW Christmas specials during the holidays, and this is certainly the best of them.
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    Netflix streaming

    I live in Hampton Roads Va., and have Cox. I pay for 20Mbps, but get upwards of 35 on a regular basis, so my "HD' viewing experience is probably not typical. On my iPod, I still get around 10Mbps through the wireless connection. The rest of my computers (2 downstairs, 2 upstairs) are all...
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    Netflix streaming

    I began using Netflix several years ago for the DVD delivery service. Two years ago, I began paying a little extra for the blu-ray service. When they began offering the streaming service, I thought, "that's nice, I might use it every once in a while." Now I get maybe one Bluray a week, but...
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    *** Official TOY STORY 3 Review Thread

    Saw it with my wife yesterday, when Andy drove away at the end of the movie, my wife was in tears. Our son left for college a few years ago, and is now married and living in another state, but we still have his Buzz Lightyear (from the first movie) standing on a shelf in our home theater room.
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    2010 Fall Schedule (Updated as the information comes in)

    Looking over this schedule, my viewing will go something like this (considering a two-tuner DVR in my computer): M - Chuck/House/Hawaii 5.0; possible The Event T - NCIS/NCIS:LA ; possible No Ordinary Family. W - Lie to Me. Wow. That's it... Th - Bones/Fringe/CSI/30 Rock F - Human...
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    Doctor Who

    Without giving away anything from Episode 4, it ranks up there with the best of the Moffat shows since Doctor Who came back on the air. It really is the one everyone has been hoping for, and the preview for its follow-up looks equally great.
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    JUSTIFIED - season 1

    The show with the Hitler art collection has been the best one so far. Very enjoyable.
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    Lost: Season Six

    Somehow the fact that Claire and Jack are brother and sister has got to figure into the whole Last Recruit thing.... and that it's key to something important.
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    Doctor Who

    Despite what some of you may have already read about it, I absolutely LOVED the third ep. and gotta get me a set of the new bad guys for my home theater room. Second ep was good, but I think we are still waiting on the "outta-the'ballpark" episode, like Blink was.
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    JUSTIFIED - season 1

    We love the whole laid-back attitude of this show, and make time each week to watch it. The episode with Raylan's dad and step-mom/aunt was terrific. And looking forward to the dust up that was promised by this episode.
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    Spartcus: Blood and Sand

    I was recording these but never got around to them. You guys have convinced me I need to sit down and check them out. I think they are on Netflix now.
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    The Pacific

    BoB vs Pacific = Apples and oranges. I really don't understand why people think that Pacific has to be a "sequel" to BoB. It's not. The war in the Pacific was a completely different "personality" than the war in Europe, I know someone who was actually in many of the battles depicted in Pacific...
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    Star Wars: The Clone Wars- Season Two

    Being the Godzilla fan that I am, I totally geeked out of the two Zillo Beast episodes. Not knowing what the deal was in the first one, once Anakin and the crew were running up its back unawares and it started to move, my brain said "Kaiju!". Thought it was interesting that it sounded a lot...
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    Questions regarding HTPC throughts

    I have converted my BR discs to iso's on hard drives connected via usb. I have a NVidia graphic card with an HDMI out, and run the cable directed into my Denon A/V receiver. There are programs, well, a specific program I use, that can remove the HDCP coding when you create the iso, but I am...
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    Doctor Who

    I agree that we still haven't had the "knock-out" ep like "Blink" or "The Girl in the Fireplace." The adventures have been mild, at worst. I think the Doctor and Amy are just fine, though, and I have enjoyed their interaction. And yes, I can't wait for Daleks defending Britain in WWII. LOL.