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    Weekly RoundUp 7/26/2005

    YES!!!!!!! Errol Morris DVD Collection FINALLY!!!! I've been waiting OH SOOOOO long for Vernon FL to be released again. It has been OOP WAY toooooo long. I've only seen this via a copy of a copy of a copy of a bad VHS dub. Can't wait! Ronnie
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    Costco: LOTR: EE DVDs $17.99 each (FoTR, TTT, RoTK)

    Thanks! Good deal if you don't have them yet or need one to finish up your set! I missed all the sales around x-mas so this was a great deal for me, $54 for the set! You do need a coupon, but they had stacks of them at the front door. Ronnie
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    Speaker Stand Filling

    If you use 3/4" MDF the internal volume will be down to 4.5 x 4.5 x 44. Might not take as much sand as you think. 44" is pretty tall though. Mine are around 6x6x30. I filled them about 3/4 with sand and then stuffed the rest with polyfil. I have a fill hole on the top under the speaker. The...
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    Solid wood vs MDF

    You might already know this but if not, the Baltic Birch they are talking about is void free 13-ply not a single ply of wood. The 13 ply makes it very ridged. Ronnie
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    cutting sonotube caps

    I'm happy with Whiteside as well. There are a lot of good router bits out there but Whiteside has given me the best bang for my buck. They are not the cheapest but are usually the cheapest of the high quality bits. Woodcraft has them but they charge too much for them. I get them from...
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    I Hate T-Nuts. Alternatives?

    :bThanks for the compliment!:b All the "finesse" work I did on the inside does not make it sound any better, but I'm kind of a perfectionist when it comes to building stuff... Ronnie
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    DVD Storage

    I whipped this out one weekend from scrap MDF. I still have not painted it yet... The top 4 rows are sized for CDs. The next 4 rows are sized for DVDs and VHS tapes. And the bottom row is sized for Disney VHS tape cases. I still need about 2 more of these to hold all of my CDs... rf
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    Whats better for me?

    Before doing anything, please see the following site: http://writing.englishclub.com/punctuation.htm http://writing.englishclub.com/punctuation0.htm rf
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    seal between driver and MDF?

    Need the name? How about a picture? ;) From your local Home Depot. Don't know if this is the exact width and height I used, but it is very close. rf
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    spl meters

    I'd go for the analog meter. For one, it's cheaper. And two, It will give you more visual feedback than the digital meter will. I can exactly remember but I think the digital meter rounds off to the nearest 1/2db, i.e. 75, 75.5, 76, 76.5, etc. Whereas the needle can show you everything between...
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    GR Research A/V-3

    I have not heard the A/V-3S but here is my take on it: It's not that one is better than the other, it's that they are different for different applications, needs, and personal likes? A/V-2: Ported, will play deeper. Has the sound characteristics of a ported speaker. 4-Ohm load. Needs some...
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    GR Research A/V-3

    Direct cut-&-paste quote from Danny's link above: "This sealed box design allows it to be used as a center channel speaker or as left and right mains when placement dictates that they be up against a wall or mounted in an entertainment system." rf
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    mounting an AV15: T Nuts?

    Denis, Sounds like you have never had a t-nut back out of MDF when trying to unscrew a driver mounting bolt. Just the slightest bit of pressure can push the t-nut out of MDF. (i.e- the pressure you have to exert to get the screw loosened in the first place.) When this happens, unless you have...
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    mounting an AV15: T Nuts?

    yes and no. Yes they have threaded inserts but they do not have "knife" like threads which hold well in MDF. They would not be any better than using wood screws IMHO. The ones in the link I posted above work really well and are pretty cheap. McFeely's is a good company. Here are some build...
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    mounting an AV15: T Nuts?

    I do not recommend using t-nuts with MDF because the teeth/prongs of the t-nuts will not hold in MDF. T-nuts work well in real wood and plywood, but not MDF. If you are set on using t-nuts, be sure to glue small pieces of 3/4" plywood to the back of the MDF baffle where the t-nuts will go...