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    Panny 35 not playing blurays, just dvds

    I have just started having the same problem with my Panny BD60 - although mine won't play certain BluRays, while still playing others. For example: i tried to watch The Dark Knight last night, and the machine wouldn't read the disc, yet, when I inserted the special features disc, it read fine...
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    DVD Review HTF REVIEW: The Chronicles of Narnia - THOROUGHLY RECOMMENDED

    Sorry that this is a bit late, but i just wanted to reprint a mini-review I wrote to my friends about it a few days after the movie came out here in Australia. I reprint the thing with no editing, so any mistakes in it are as originally written. And please keep in mind this is not a review of...
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    Somebody forgot The Usual Suspects
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    HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: The Fifth Element - April Fools

    Good one. Got me good. Now I really can't wait for a look at HD discs..... its made me realise how much I want to get my hands on one.....
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    Nostalgia...Where have all the ENTERTAINERS gone?

    Just think, Hollywood could still be churning out those old-style Hollywood musicals and comedies, filled with todays stars, and be utter rubbish. Or, you could watch all the classics and thoroughly enjoy them. Personally, I am thankful that Adam Sandler and his ilk dont try any of those old...
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    What dvd are you watching for St. Paddy's day?

    for me, just Boondock Saints is the only film to watch on St Paddy's Day. "There was a firefight!"
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    Your REALISTIC wish-list for the first 12 months

    My vote, somewhat sentimentally, goes to Twister , just because it was one of the first DVD's released, and secondly because I have yet to see a copy of it thats actually any good on disc: no region version has yet to satisfy me for picture quality. Hopefully, the HD version should improve...
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    Do you invariably associate a studio logo/theme with a particular movie?

    Carolco = Cutthroat Island. Universal = Jurassic Park Regency = True Lies (although Fight Club has now superseded it) Imagine Entertainment = Ron Howard Castle Rock = Shawshank Redemption
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    Which region has the best audio/video transfer of Armageddon?

    Armageddon here in Australia comes in a great 2-disc set thats similar (but not the same) to the Criterion Region 1 release. The improvement that we have is that the picture is anamorphic (and quite good, too). Apart from that, the PAL speedup issues and PAL/NTSC format issues aside, the region...
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    NEW HD format to be launched...the industry responds to HTF demands!

    Personally, I'm waiting to see what kind of sticker they use on the x-rated discs! now THAT would be interesting. And i could quite easily see a benfit to scratch-and-sniff.
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    The infamous MGM vault fire

    And lets not forget the fire at Aardman last year that claimed a lot of animation history.... perhaps not as old as Fox or MGM material, but still worth mentioning.
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    Help on film

    good god, The Interpreter. I'd forgotten about that. nice thinking.
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    Help on film

    Try Keeping The Faith with Ben Stiller. that could be it.
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    "i should have seen this film years ago!"

    I have to confess that up until a year or so ago i was not a fan of "classic" older films, pre-1970. So for ages I had no idea about films like Lawrence of Arabia, Spartacus etc etc. Those older films i tended to look upon with disdain, opting instead for the commercial, hyperkinetic...
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    Will you be rushing into the new Hi-Def formats in 2006?

    Put my name down for this as well please. I thoroughly agree.