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    Why solid-state ICs?

    LOL yeah, I saw that over on AVS. I don't know wether to laugh or be interested!
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    Starbucks has taken over the UK!....... HELP!!!!

    I think that Starbucks and Costa should merge to be Costa-bucks :) (Blatantly stolen from wetherspoons' advert :D)
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    Geforce 4 cards-is it THAT much better

    I've got a Radeon 64DDR VIVO for my HCPC and a Radeon 8500 for my gaming PC> Both do tehir respective jobs exceptionally well. So the GF4 may give higher framreates, but 100fps isn't exactly sluggish, is it?
  4. Richard Cooper

    CD copy-protection question

    My computer *is* my CD player. It is also my DVD player. If they want to stop me playing CD's on my computer, then who am I to stop them from preventing me from buying their product? Plenty of other good albums I can buy instead (well, at the moment, maybe they'll put this pointless scheme on...
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    What decade is this?

    I was gonna say the naughties too, but was beaten to it. Oh well :D
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    EVIAN tastes better than all other bottled water!

    You can't beat Peckham spring!
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    Hey Left Side Drivers

    I usually head for the left side of the pavement when passing someone in the hope that they do the same, but 50% of teh time they go the right (this is assuming we're walking in opposite directions of course!). It's something I've deliberately done for years.
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    I like to drink beer and get rowdy.

    I've always found that the more I drink, the more of a pacifist I become. Well, until the point I pass out, at which I magically becoome a willing doormat :)
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    Does anyone here still use "vintage" computers?

    I've still got 3 BBC comps (two B's and a Master). I've evne got a 20mb hard drive :D All work, and I occasionally pull one out and fire it up. Amazing machines, and not a hint of microsoft in sight :) Ah, those were the days...
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    Unshielded speakers and hard drives

    I'd say it was a bad idea too. It won't neccessarily harm the drives at all, but it's not something I would want to risk.
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    Any lawyers on the forum? I need some advice.

    I'm going to be openly hypocritical here - but I shall explain. Ok, you can claim a financial recompense for your discomort and out of pocket expenses. That is fair enough. However, remember that insurance companies are in businees to make money. When they are claimed against, they lose some...