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  1. Peter Overduin

    60" LG Infinia 1080p Broadband THX Certified Plasma TV compared to 60" Sharp LC60LE820 Quattron

    Thanks for your comments and link. I did follow up on this and have quite some time looking into the 'new' technology behind the quattron and indeed! Clever marketing and very little new of anything else! As a result I have settled on the panasonic 65 inch S2. I did look into the rising black...
  2. Peter Overduin

    60" LG Infinia 1080p Broadband THX Certified Plasma TV compared to 60" Sharp LC60LE820 Quattron

    Hello all;   I am close to purchasing a new 60 inch TV and both the units mentioned above have perked my interest. 3D is not currently something I am interested in.   I am wary of Plasma just because of the history of these units, and wonder if I am not letting a long term bias against...
  3. Peter Overduin

    The Baja Peninsula on Motorcycle

    Thanks guys....I am planning on hotel-ing it, then spending a few days at least in Los Cabos area before heading back. Thanks nfor the tip Jason...will peruse that for sure! Cheers
  4. Peter Overduin

    The Baja Peninsula on Motorcycle

    Hi everyone...I am contemplating and in the early planning of travelling the entire Baja on motorcycle in January 2011 and wonder if anyone here has done it or has info that could assist me in the planning. I know! I'm from Canada and January ain't no riding weather...I mean to put my bike...
  5. Peter Overduin

    When you say or hear, "I need you"

    We all know "I love you." Of course, we all understand love differently, but what I am interested in particularly, is what does "I need you" mean differently from "I love you." Is it the same, only said differently? Is a deep need akin to love but somehow fundamentally different? I know...
  6. Peter Overduin

    Top 10 Movies You'd Never Admit To Liking

    umm...Wing Commander! :) Atlantis (animated)
  7. Peter Overduin

    What Blu-ray movies/scenes are best to showoff the full range of your HT system?

    Unarguably (:), the flight and subsequent storm/crash scene in Flight of the Phoenix is astonishing for both sound and visual. Check it out!
  8. Peter Overduin

    Will Battlestar's Ending Dissuade You From Buying the Complete Series?

    In some ways, the finale of BSG, which I have bought every season of as it came out, left me with the same feeling as the 3rd Matrix film. I finally arrived at a state of satisfaction when I watched it a few times and spent not a little time online reading the considerable insight from many...
  9. Peter Overduin

    Contact coming in October!

    The first few minutes of the film as it pans throught he universe in total silence is arguably one of the most astonishing opening sequences of any film....ever. I remember it didnt come out in Canada on the same day as in the US and was in fact not scheduled for some weeks after the US...
  10. Peter Overduin

    A Few Words About A few words about...™ Pitch Black -- in Blu-ray

    Loved these first two, can't wait for the next two, and where the hell is Outland?!!! Thanks, as always Robert, for your comments. Much appreciated.
  11. Peter Overduin

    Logan's Run BD this year?!

    This is one of those films that has always stuck with me and IMHO right in there with Outland and Screamers; two other films that deserve the BD trreatment!
  12. Peter Overduin

    *** Official THE DAY THE EARTH STOOD STILL (2008) Discussion Thread

    Went to see the late show tonight with low expectations. I hate it when low expectations are not met. Truly, and unarguably the worst sci fi movie since Battlefield Earth. No redemptive merit whatsoever....horrendous script; appalling acting; miscasting (Kathy Bates as Secretary of Defence...are...
  13. Peter Overduin

    Blu-ray Review HTF BLU-RAY REVIEW: WALL-E

    A brilliant film; and apparently brilliantly presented! Awesome...and thank you for your work in putting this review together!
  14. Peter Overduin

    How much of the extra content on a disk do you watch?

    With movies based in some form of history, such as Kingdom of Heaven, I will watch extras that conribute to my understanding of the film and the period. In that vein, Kingdom of heaven has a great extra that illuminates the film's historical setting as it plays. Other films, such as Dark...