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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    That first screenshot of Spock has awful DNR. Sorry guys, but that's pretty unacceptable.
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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    We'll a poorly calibrated display has nothing to do with it, as these are screenshots from the disc itself, not off a television screen. At AVS, they compared these screencaps to the old 2004 DVD, and while there is a resolution boost, the amount of detail that should be present is absent, as is...
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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    Shoot, I didn't see that, was unaware of the cancelled arrangement. I suppose I could ask for permission from the original poster to rehost the pics? would that be alright? Edit: I just canceled my order. Hopefully orders do as well. If Paramount wants my money, they'll release these films right.
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    Star Trek films on Blu-Ray... what we know so far

    Bad news, someone over at AVS got ahold of the North American BD's. Heavy DNR and EE for all to enjoy. Screenshots: Paramount to release "Star Trek Original Motion Picture" Collection & Trilogy May 12 - Page 9 - AVS Forum Paramount to release "Star Trek Original Motion Picture" Collection &...
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    Breaking News: Universal Announces Blu-ray plans!

    Wow, that's an awful list. Not even the new Bourne film. Or Apollo 13 - anything decent. Still, nice to see they're getting underway.
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    What's the correct OAR of "The Shield"?

    A large part of the 4:3 framing, according to Ryan (i will have to find the source) is to keep the scene tight and almost claustrophobic. Makes the interrogation scenes more intense - because you feel like the characters have less room to breath in. in 16:9, not so much. edit: BTW, is it true...
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    Thank-you HD DVD and Toshiba

    Started with HD-DVD tried to help push the format as much as I could, alas, Sony won out in the end. Still, I enjoyed the ride. Now begins to the long process of re-buying all the Fast and the Furious movies in Blu Ray (:P)
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    House season 4 thread

    that's extremely debatable. I've heard the same said about Cut Throat Bitch who i preferred as a character and an addition to the cast.
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    House season 4 thread

    I wrote this on another board: Kutner is a bad choice. He's a liability. It's stupid Cuddy recommended him given the week before she told Big Love to choose him and Amber as his picks to be voted off (House pointed out Cuddy would want him gone because he's a liability) He's not written...
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    WEIRD SCIENCE - TV series coming to DVD

    i was really happy when I saw this announcement. i loved watching this as a kid, caught it about a year back on some station and it still holds up.
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    The Offical Fox Title Cancellation Notice Thread ( Q3/4 07 edition

    brilliant! i did however, order M&C and am pissed about all this. Hopefully the Simpsons movie will slip through.
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    **Official HTF HD Formats Ind./Retailer/Studio Support Thread-*SEE POST 3176, p. 106*

    sigh. i totally agree with you. i LOVED HD-DVD in the beginning, however, lately I've been totally okay with giving in to Blu Ray lately (even re-bought the Sopranos in this format - mostly for the lossless audio) just so this stupid war could end and HD movies could catch on with the main...
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    Spider-Man -films (Blu-ray) on 10-30-07

    ha, that animated gif really sums up how much this movie missed its mark and the point of the spiderman character. i won't go as far as saying it was forced to cater or in the very least explore the emo generation , i doubt Raimi is that much of a shill, however, he did bend to producer's...
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    Spider-Man -films (Blu-ray) on 10-30-07

    i'll wait for 1 and 2 to be released individually. i'm not giving Sony any more money for that abortion they called Spiderman 3.