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    Any JAWS fans out there?

    Given all the involvement, stars doing interviews and behind the scenes people from the original film this should be happening and get a release soon. I'd really like to get this on DVD someday!!
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    "A CHRISTMAS CAROL/SCROOGE" 1951 Alastair Sim on DVD

    Wow! I sure hope this is the Definitive Version! Nice cover art! Can't wait for October!!!
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    Quick Broadband question

    I experienced similar problems recently with using Comcast and I could not figre out why the modem quit working intermittently. I plan to exchange the modem later this week. Once I rebooted the cable modem (use a ballpoint pen, push in the little button in back of the modem for about 6...
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    Hard Drive concerns

    I finished installing SP2 and everything is running smooth again. I was able to take an image of the harddrive and will work on that at home to recover something if possible. I decide to put the old hard drive in a anti-static bag and stored in a safe carton. I will take it in for examination...
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    Hard Drive concerns

    Hi, Kimmo, Thank you for the help too. Yes that's how I hooked the drives up. Update: I looked in Disk Management as you suggested and it shows both drives. Under "My Computer" the old drive is shown as Local Disk: D. When I select it, it will ask me to do a format. I'm concerned it...
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    Hard Drive concerns

    Hi Bobbyg2, My new XP is running. Dskchk was running earlier and that is over. I cannot see the old HardDrive set up Slave at the moment anywhere, no properties are listed. Under the drives it shows something plugged in, but nothing else. I wonder if I should unplug it and replug it in again...
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    Hard Drive concerns

    Tuesday night I came home and our PC Win XP is on, but the screen had a message that it couldn't boot up. I went out an bought a new harddrive and installed XP OS. What concerns me is that at the moment during the OS install the monitors blue screen lists a growing list about 55,000 (or now upto...
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    Superman Ultimate Collector's Edition, etc. Exchange Number and info

    Has anyone here bought this set to find one of the DVD's are missing??? A buddy of mine just gave the set for an early Father's Day gift and one DVD is missing. It was shrinkwrapped, had the warner Bros. stickers on it...brand new! Just wonder who Warner Bros is using for packaging there releases?
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    Albums that you'd like to be covered in the "Classic Albums" DVD Series

    Badfinger - Straight Up or No Dice There's alot of rumors on the difficult relationship Badfinger had with Todd Rundgren who pulled together the album after George Harrison bailed out to produce the live album from the benefit and film "Concert for Bangladesh" Somehow it probably won't ever...
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    The TAMI show is coming out... BUT--

    I cut 'n pasted the message below: "Here is some recent info on why the TAMI Show DVD has been temporarily been put on the back burner for awhile. Although Dick Clark has the right to release this on DVD, the music publishing companies involved have not OK'd the music published in this DVD...
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    The TAMI show is coming out... BUT--

    Bad news!!! Visit Steve Hoffman Forum, read Post #129:
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    Wouldn't it be sweel to get some of the 1960's Rock films on DVD?

    Bad news!!! Visit Steve Hoffman Forum, read Post #129:
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    The Monkees - HEAD

    You can visit this link over at the Steve Hoffman Forum. Start reading from post #23 to get details on the aspect ratio debate and also good info about the newly projected print shown in L.A. last Fall. I just watched TCM broadcast...
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    Little Rascals (Our Gang) DVD's...

    Anyone purchase the recent 3-pack "The Little Rascals" by Legend Films? Aside from any debate on "Colorization" how are the B&W versions included in the set?
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    Director Bob Clark Killed

    Just read this news too! RIP Bob Clark and my condolences to the Clark family on the loss of your son in this tragic accident today!