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    New NIN news

    when reznor was just a local boy from a little farm town close to here where he grew up we used to call him "Trend" Reznor because he would jump on the latest "trend" that was happening at the moment. if the latest thing was painting your naked body florescent yellow and shoving a broom...
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    Rush and covers?

    i abhor rush to begin with, why the hell would i want to hear them do covers. besides, i don't think i need to hear neil peart doing bombastic drum fills throught "for what it's worth" :rolleyes::D
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    SACD Troubles

    i just got the Pioneer 563A DVD player for Christmas and hooked it up yesterday. took the multi channel out from the player into the multi channel in on my Sony STR-DE985 receiver. haven't any DVD-A or SACD discs yet to play, but i noticed when i played a couple of DVD-Video discs the...
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    Car Alarms

    JASON -- as someone who works EVERYDAY with law enforcement in AUTO THEFT PREVENTION programs listen to me. yes, alarms are good, BUT as some have mentioned they have a tendency to be ignored sometimes when they go off. depending on how NEW your vehicle is and/or how valuable you vehicle...
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    Am I the only one that thinks Sony is killing SACD all by itself...?

    i saw the sony dvd/sacd in sound and vision. i also saw a zenith dvd/dvd-audio player for $150. now give me a player that plays both formats for about $200-300 and i'll consider buying one.
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    For Metallica fans ... re: new record!

    "st. anger" -- the latest snorefest egofest for lars. call me when it's over!!! :thumbsdown:
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    How important is sex in a marriage?

    is sex important in my relationship? no, but love is, which leads to wonderful sex with my wife. (ssshhh...don't tell my wife!!) i get my **** sucked 4-5 times a week NOT because of sexual urges but because i LOVE my wife and think she is more beautiful and sexier than 24 years ago and LOVE...
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    Cool Album Covers

    i agree with the Roger Dean YES covers. didn't he also do the Uriah Heep "Demons and Wizards" and "Magician's Birthday" covers too? those are great as well. my FAVORITE -- the Blind Faith young nubile female cover!! :D :D also the original hendrix "Electric Ladyland" nude famales cover...
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    Beatles: Pre-Rubber Soul

    lennon actually HATED all of those early "stereo" mixes and very much preferred the "mono" mixes. i mean when you think about it, it was just pretty much vocals on one side and music on the other. not really much of a "stereo" mix now, is it?
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    Jazz Drummers

    probably not a whole lot of older stuff on SACD or DVD-A. but if you are just looking for stuff just to listen to then listen to buddy rich, gene krupa, louie bellson, roy burns, etc. on some of their big band stuff. plus listen to the smaller combos with philly joe jones, max roach, joe...
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    Most Overrated Music Artist

    Nirvana Springsteen Dylan Neil Young Pink Floyd Styx Rush that's all for now. i'm sure i'll come back and add more to get more people PO'd at my choices. :D :D
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    Family Guy On Adult Swim Starting 4/20

    Family Guy -- WOO HOO!!!!!! MY favorite show. i get more laughs out of the first 5 minutes of that show than ANY so called SITCOM that is out there. the commercials on "everybody loves raymond" are funnier than THAT show. :rolleyes glad to see peter and his family coming back!! let's here...
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    Did anyone watch the Jane Pauly interview with Lisa Marie Presley?

    i always thought she was a hottie, but you could'nt pay me to be with her now after she's been with wacko jacko. baaaaaaarrrrrrrrrrffffffffffff!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Who did you regret not seeing Live?

    The Beatles Cream Hendrix Chicago Transit Authority (when Chicago was still good, WITH it's original members!!) the whole original Woodstock Festival Queen
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    Help me get into Sinatra

    QUOTE: "1950s -- The Best of Frank Sinatra - The Capitol Years -- Capitol 60s-70s -- Sinatra Reprise - The Very Good Years -- Reprise (contains 'The Way You Look Tonight')" ------------------------------------------------------------ can't argue with that!!