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    B&K 125.7

    This has balanced inputs, correct? Mind sending me a couple of photos at nroberts AT rbrc DOT com? Thanks.
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    FS: Marantz Laserdisc Player

    oops, my bad.
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    Mitsubishi M-V7057 Top of the line Laserdisc Player W/discs THX WOW etc.

    Jeff, Do you still have the LD player? I'm not interested in the discs, but I'd probably be interested in buying the player outright. Thanks. (sorry for the necrobump)
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    Emotiva LPA-1 7-channel amplifier

    Sorry, it's gone.
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    FS: SVS 20-39 PCI - $375 - Atlanta Georgia - local pickup only

    Gah, I would have loved to see this ad last month! This is a good deal for a local.
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    Emotiva LPA-1 7-channel amplifier

    I purchased an Emotiva LPA-1 7-channel amplifier a little more than a month ago to tide me over until I purchased an Anthem amp to match my processor. Well, Emotiva did not respond to my RMA request and I now have a virtually unused amp sitting in a box. It has about 30 hours on it. Full...
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    FS: Monoprice 5x1 HMDI switcher

    robby, did you sell this? I need one.
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    HT Items for Sale

    I'd do a straight-up trade on the remaining 5 Rocket speakers for an iScan VP20 or VP30. I don't care about SDI modules or other extras (just need the processing). Thanks.
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    Anthem AVM-50 and MCA-50 (silver)

    Both items sold. Mods, feel free to close this. Thanks.
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    Anthem AVM-50 and MCA-50 (silver)

    After doing a bit more research, I've lowered my price on the AVM-50 to match the most recent selling prices. The AVM-50 price is now $3800 + shipping. :)
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    Anthem AVM-50 and MCA-50 (silver)

    MCA-50 has been sold. AVM-50 still available at a great price!
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    HT Items for Sale

    Lowered some prices. Take my stuff, please!
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    Anthem AVM-50 and MCA-50 (silver)

    Still available. These are great pieces! For those on the fence, the AVM-50 does not appear to suffer from the same heat problems as the D2. From what I've seen on AVS, I've yet to encounter an AVM-50 owner who has complained about the heat issues that plague some D2 units.