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    What annoys you?

    Love roundabouts. Hate drivers who have no idea how to yield at a roundabout. Really, it's not that hard people.
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    2016 NFL Off-Season Thread

    Eli beats Rivers in yardage and TDs for their careers. Plus the 2 SBs. Why again is Philip clearly the better QB?
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    How to buy new speakers? They have both types. Love my Level 3s.
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    Marvel’s Agent Carter (ABC)

    My wife gets mad if I start Agent Carter without her. The only show that happens with.
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    What are you driving?

    2014 Dodge Charger R/T Torred. Took 'er to hilly southern Indiana on vacation this summer, fully loaded and A/C cranked.. 26mpg. :)
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    The Americans (Season 3)

    GREAT episode. The scenes with Elizabeth and Betty were amazing. So much revealed even during parts of little to no dialogue.
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    Smart Apps Audio

    I run Uverse and PS3 to my Onkyo-626 and then one HDMI to the TV. It took no time at all in reading the manual to set up the Audio return channel.
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    Smart Apps Audio

    App audio can leave the TV via HDMI on the Vizio 4ks.
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    2014 NFL Season

    I'm going to go ahead and take Bill Nye's take on the science of air pressures as opposed to Belichecks. Both he and Brady's press conferences strained belief.
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    2014 NFL Season
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    What was your 2014 Christmas or Hanukkah Gift?

    Swan M100mkII speakers for my computer. They look great and sound awesome.
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    New 7.1

    3s are $879 a pair vs 2s at $459.
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    New 7.1

    Hmmm... gotta decide if I have the extra $800 in the budget for the 3 rears/surrounds. Thanks!
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    New 7.1

    Would I really notice that much difference with the domes in the surrounds? Also anyone have thoughts on the sealed vs ported for my situation?