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    Pioneer quitting Plasma TVs, going out of business?

    Yeah but OLED A) Isn't cheap and B) isn't available in sizes over 40" - yet. I too am a fan of the OLED technology, I spent about 30 minutes staring at CES. Well, if and when they are ready and cost effective I'll move into OLED technology.
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    Pioneer quitting Plasma TVs, going out of business?

    Bought a Kuro 111FD today with the knowledge that Pioneer was quitting the Plasma business; honestly, I couldn't walk away from the price and the fact that I've always, always, wanted a Pioneer Elite display. Damn this TV looks great - even compared to my XBR4. Sad about Pioneer, but I'm not...
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    For experienced audiophiles only please

    805s are wonderful speakers; the shop I use to work at had a set and I use to listen to them on my breaks. Well done and great choice!
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    NHT is "going quiet" :(

    I love my NHTs - I've had them for 6 or 7 years now without a single problem or complaint. I hope they decide to continue to produce speakers and components; hate to see a great company dissolve.
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    Paradigm Speakers + Integra Receiver

    I've always been a fan of Paradigm, I auditioned them before when I was thinking about getting rid of my NHTs - it would be worth a drive if you can find a dealer around your surrounding area. They have a very well balanced sound - accurate and clean
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    New and have some questions...

    Kevin, Sounds good, you'll have a lot of choices in the 42-46" size. Here is what I would do if your budget allows - PS3 for the Blu-ray player: fully upgradeable with firmware updates, built in wireless and bluetooth controls (honestly probably the best BD player for the money)...
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    Hitachi Plasma Buyer Beware

    Or Samsung. They have nice plasmas.
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    New and have some questions...

    My replies are in bold. Mike
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    Two recievers bi amping?

    You are very welcome.
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    Which player: PS3 or the Sony BDP-S300?

    PS3; I had a 300 before my PS3 and the PS3 beats it hand down in every aspect except no DTS MA decoding - yet. That's why I say the PS3, it is far more "future proof" than the 300. Just my .02.
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    Upgrading, just a few questions

    I run all NHT speakers.....I have the older verions of the new Classic series - basically they just made them look different. My setup is as follows - Classic 4 (fronts), Absolute Center, Classic 2 (rears). I love them, they are accurate and plenty loud for me. If you could get the Classic 3...
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    Upgrading, just a few questions

    Jarrod, You're welcome, and welcome to HTF. I would definately go with the Denon over the Sony. As for speakers, the SVS package looks pretty nice..maybe you could search here for some reviews, or contact SVS and talk to them - they have excellent customer service. Also AV123 makes some great...
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    JBL or Klipsch? Pick from these models plz

    +1000000 Although I will say that Klipsch and Yamaha pair very nicely. Also, why would you stack bookshelfs on top of towers??? I don't understand what you mean by that. Are you thinking that you'd use the towers to be stands for the bookshelfs? If so I would highly recommend against...
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    is trueDD and DTS-HD worth the upgrade?

    Your welcome
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    Upgrading, just a few questions

    My replies are in bold. Also the underline sections are links to sites.