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    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    Im in also Adelaide Yankees
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    HTF FANTASY baseball 2006.........

    im getting the same thing
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    HTF Fantasy Baseball 2005

    Just signed in as the Adelaide Yankees
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    Save a tree... shoot a koala

    Its a catch 22 for them, if they kill the koalas the tourists stay away, and if they don't kill the koalas they will eventually die anyway, due to lack of food I have never been there myself and i have lived here for 30 years
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    HTF Car of the Week (1/17): 2004 Pontiac GTO

    Wait to you drive it, i have driven the GTS version in Australia and it has some grunt to it, approx 400 hp. The body is different but the engine is very similar to the the Monaro version here.
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    A personal DTS observation...

    Try Band Of Brothers, the center dialogue is so much clearer and the bass is so much better.
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    A simple offer of condolences to our Australian members...

    Lew Small world I live at Glenelg East, about a 2 minute walk from jetty road and we used to run along the Esplanade when i played baseball. Off to Mclaren Vale next weekend, I will have a Shiraz for you.
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    A simple offer of condolences to our Australian members...

    tragic event, after hearing what was mixed into the bomb they certainly intended to do major damage. Lew, what part of Adelaide did you live in?
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    Help me expand my war collection

    How about Von Ryan's Express and From Here to Eternity, two of Frank Sinatra's best movies; also Midway and Victory
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    TV Guide's 50 Worst Shows Ever

    What wrong with Hogan's Heroes, and Unhappily Ever After it had Nikki Cox in it so it had to be a good show. :cool:
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    Celebrity Encounters...

    I stood next to Shaq in New York a couple of years ago.
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    *** Official 2002 Major League Baseball Season Thread

    all i am going to say is lets go Yankees :D :D
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    Cheesy 80s Music Videos

    I have always liked Duran Duran's film clip, Girls on Film, for it's full frontal nudity :D
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    How about a Futurama Quote thread

    Bender: Look Fry I'm steering with my ass Fry: That's the best thing i've ever seen