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    Heroes season 1 thread

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    Heroes season 1 thread

    you guys should check out the graphic novel on nbc.com. It gives more background on the characters' stories...
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    *** Official BATMAN BEGINS Discussion Thread

    This movie is easily my favorite of the year so far. I rank it even higher than Crash. The issues with the fight scenes that others had didn't really bother me; I enjoyed the depth of characters. All in all, a solid effort that I will be seeing again on Friday at the IMAX. One of my favorite...
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    HTF Rainbow Six 3 Server

    Can I join as well? My gt = Ausar
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    Die Another Day audio sync problem

    I've noticed a sync problem on the DTS track as well. It's very subtle, but there nontheless.
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    Wolfesntein Tournament-New Teams, Schedules and Rules are up. Lets get this going

    I'll be an alterate as well. My gamertag should be below.
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    Wolfenstein Impressions--Are There Any Out There?

    I played until 2am last night and consequently I'm dragging today (behold the power of caffeine!!). Even though I'm quite a newbie, the experience was awesome. Hope to see you guys on at some point.
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    Advice for Online Newbies in RTCW

    I played this game last night for the first time last night...unfortunately I'm now addicted. Gamertag is Ausar...
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    Testy Area 51

    Is this thing on?? Yes it is
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    Fellini & Hitchcock: Where to start?

    OK, you guys have definately given me an incredible start. I think I'll try Lew's chronological approach, but begin with rentals (per Matt). Seems like I'm going to have to get a nice bonus this year to cover the DVD purchases... Thanks again...
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    Fellini & Hitchcock: Where to start?

    I think it's about time for me to start collecting (or at least begin to watch) some of the films from these masters but I have no idea where to begin. Does anyone have any suggestions? Thanks...
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    LOTR DVD issues (merged thread)

    Mine was +4 as well. I have a pioneer elite VSX-26TX
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    What mutants do you think we will see in X-men 2?...

    Psylocke would be a welcome addition to the gang.
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    I need some good "chillin" music!