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    Atlantic Technology speakers

    Anyone using thse speakers?? specifically the 4200 THX system.... Any thoughts or comments on these speakers will be appreciated..... Thanks
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    FS -Axiom M22 (pair) & VP150 (black)

    YES both the M22 and VP150 are black with black grilles....
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    FS -Axiom M22 (pair) & VP150 (black)

    Hello I have the following for sale pair Axiom M22 new Nov 2004 lees than 100 hours Axiom VP150 center channel I have all original boxes (save one M22 box) and manuals $350.00 for the M22 $300.00 for the VP150 or $600.00 will take it all Shipping is negotiable
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    Parasound or NAD

    OK THANKS I am leaning towards the NAD also, have heard complaints about build quality and customer service...but it appears that NAD receivers are having problems ... not the Amps
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    Parasound or NAD

    Hello I have a chance to purchase either a Parasound 855A (85 watts) or a NAD 925 THX (125 watts) both are new in Factory sealed boxes... Will be used to drive Axiom M22Ti (mains) VP150 (center) and QS8 (surrounds) If you were me which one would you choose and why?? both are...
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    An observation about SVS subs...

    If you have a well calibrated system, you should be able to push a sub hard and it should (99%) never bottom out
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    Subwoofer calibration

    My SVS 25-31PCi runs about 3 db hot on the meter but if you factor in the 3db correction then it runs about 6db hot, which is the way I like it......;) ;) ;)
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    I ordered the 25-31 PCi!

    Just make sure you have everything glued down !!! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: ;)
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    svs 25-31 PCi

    Buy it and be happy!!!! You will not be dissapointed.... :emoji_thumbsup: ;)
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    Has Bose ever made a sub?

    Has Bose ever made speakers????
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    Which polks?

    I currently have the CSi30 which is fine for movies.. but when pushed really hard listening to music using DLPII or NEO 6 it doesn't keep up with my RTi70 I really cant upgrade to CSi40 because this speaker is just too large for my room...but never say never....
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    Suggest a Polk Back Surround Speaker

    I will second the CSi30 I have a similiar set-up
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    Polk Rti 150

    Ditto on those Rti70's...they take everything I throw at them and never complain.....One of the best "bang for the buck" speakers out there!!! :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup: :emoji_thumbsup:
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    Philips DVD963SA

    Count me in too..the only thing bad I've heard about this player is the reverse angle icon stays on the screen when veiwing a DVD with this feature....
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    Polk RTi Series

    I have the Polks you mention and I am very happy...Polk is coming out with new models in October and you can get the RTi series at great prices....... ;) ;) ;)