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    Subwoofer cable

    Try a decent subwoofer cable for yourself. You may be surprised at just how much a good cable (and connectors) can effect the subs performance. Belden's 89259 with decent connectors is a good place to start for not that much money. Belden's 1506a and 1695a are also worth a try. Yes you can use...
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    best diy speaker cable recipe?

    Luitz Belden 1506a is not RG6, its RG59. To the best of my knowledge no cable assembler is using it for speaker wire! If I'm wrong please provide a company name or link as I'd like to check it out. Jon Rische's recipe uses Belden 89259 and its very good but not cheap. JohnnyN The Canare...
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    making your own component cable

    You can purchase Belden cables from Anixter. Check you phone book for the nearest location. You can also get all the supplies (cables and connectors)you need from they are located in Eastern Canada. If you want pre-made cables then try which are located in...
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    Would a new cable improve sound?

    Nothing like using a link to your home theater as a sneaky way of advertising your cables:-) Guess if some people (Vince and DougW)can get away with it for so long then why not you. Much success to you and your cable business
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    S Video Cables...Is ignorance bliss?

    I'm not selling cables so I'll give an opinion. Try the Teflon insulated belden 7700a from Bluejeans. Others may sell it as well. A very decent cable that is a noticeable step up from Monster 3 and even the Belden 1808 (in my evaluations) If you want something that many consider the very best...
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    digital audio from cable box

    Yes I'd agree the digital out is the way to go. I'm sure sure the DAC's within your AVR are superior to whats inside the cable box. A good quality (well shielded) 75ohm rca cable (video) will work fine for this appication.
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    Help choosing Component video cable

    Chu, So a cloth/filter 8 inches long at one end of a cable can clean up RFI? Would have thought that the entire cable covered in this RFI cloth would be ideal. I will do a search for RFI cloth, thanks.
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    Help choosing Component video cable

    David, The reason the Rhino and Bolder cables cost so much is the complex nature of the cables.They start with the expensive Belden 1695a (Teflon version of the affordable 1694a) and they then add additional shielding, capacitors and protection to the assembly. Major pain in the neck to make! I...
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    Help choosing Component video cable

    If you want some very good cables then the Premium series or should be considered. Think there was a very good review/comparison done on AVS on the Rhino premiums against some very good brands. I'm not a big fan of silver cables but have you considered any of...
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    What is the advantage of this IEC adapter

    You don't need to use a 3 prong/conductor ac power cord with the adapter. Its far mor difficult finding a 2 conductor cord.Having the 3rd conductor allows you to move cords around to other components down the road. Make your own and save a bundle. It can make surprising improvement in both...
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    Which of these cables is better for digital coax?

    Try and find belden 1506a or 1695a (Both have a solid core, high level of shielding and use teflon for the dielectric)with either Bullets or Vampire RCA connectors. The Canares are not true 75ohm connectors and I've found that a decent,well made RCA connector (Vampire, Cardas,WBT etc.)works as...
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    interconnect upgrade for SACD?

    I'd look into RS or AR for the audio cables. The Belden 89259 cable with Canare connectors does not offer any performance upgrade over a cheap retail cable. If you want decent performance from this cable then you would have to get into decent connectors from Bullet, Vampire, Cardas etc...
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    Where to get good price on Eichmann Bullet Plugs?

    Very good performance. Poor strain relief. IMO over priced for the construction (90% plastic) if they were as well constructed as Vampire, Cardas and WBT then (performance wise) they would be very good value. AudioGon has some sellers who offer them for a very good price.
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    Component Cable Recommendation

    Jay, For balance: There are posts on numerous forums comparing SS to other popular cables including BC's previous series (Canare). A lot of these consumers prefer Canare and Belden cables, which cost a heck of a lot less. Some of these tests were on high end front projection systems. Re...
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    Component Cable Recommendation

    Re BC products. First I belive they make a good product and offer great customer service. Then again they can afford to make phone calls. They can also afford to pressure forum owners and moderators to sensor unfavorable discussions. Lately the Spot is the worst example of this censorship...