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    Summer of 42 digital download, Advice please

    Don't know where you saw it, but I was a TV film editor back in the 1970's and I remember being surprised that the film was syndicated uncut. Any editing you saw was either by the network (if it was a network showing) or by your local station. They all had their own standards and some stations...
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    I Need A New DVD Supplier

    I use Amazon, DVDEmpire, and Deepdiscount mostly. Deepdiscount usually has the best price for what I'm looking for, but their free shipping can be slow. My suggestion is to try at least a couple of places and see which one suits your needs best.
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    BELLS OF ST. MARY'S and the @&!# annoying bar

    First of all it does refer to RKO, but this isn't really anything new. Those of us who are old enough to remember when just about all tv stations broadcast in black & white may recall that the distributors would make b/w prints of color movies for tv stations because it was cheaper than using...
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    Anyone know anything about gas furnaces? It's cold in here!

    We had two new gas furnaces installed in our two-family home about four years ago and every August or September I have the service tech come out and clean and check them out. The peace of mind it gives me more than outweighs the cost. Keeps my tenant happy too. I don't care if it's 90 degrees...
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    Need a little help regarding a DirecTV Tivo

    Well you may be right. I did try doing that a couple of times even keeping it unplugged over a weekend to know avail. I have a feeling that they really accidently close my account on that unit, but didn't want to say so. Anyway, its been working ever since I called them so I'm grateful for that...
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    I didn't know they were Bootlegs until today

    Film Addict: I don't think anyone should come down on you. Everybody makes mistakes. I think you did the right thing by blowing them in to the FBI. I doubt that you'll see your $80 again, but at least you have the satisfaction of knowing you did the right thing. I have no sympathy for bootleggers.
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    16MM Fans: I need help...

    A friend of mine is the last "factory authorized" Eiki serviceman in Upstate New York and I'm pretty sure he can help you. Send me a private message and I'll give you his name address and number.
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    Need a little help regarding a DirecTV Tivo

    Thanks guys, for your suggestions. Here's the latest. First I checked the signal strength and it was zero on both satellites. Well, then I went to the system information page just to see if there was anything useful there and I found something. The listing for "account status" said closed. I...
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    Need a little help regarding a DirecTV Tivo

    I own three R-10s and they're the best. However, one of them is sick. All I get is a full-screen message that says "recorder must reaquire information from satellite" and "0% complete". It's been that way for days. I tried all the usual things like resetting it. I unplugged it for about 48 hours...
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    Cleopatra (1963)-Intermission Music

    I haven't seen that DVD, but usually if the movie is on two discs the "intermission" music will be the end of of disc one and the "entr' acte" music will start disc two. In cases, when it's all one one disc they usually butt them both together with a quick fade to black between and have the...
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    Cleopatra (1963)-Intermission Music

    Intermission music was always played at the end of the first part. After an "intermission" title on the screen, for fifteen or twenty seconds, the curtain would close, the lights would come up and the music would continue for a few minutes. Most films that had an intermission would also have...
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    Anyone ever refinish their bathtub?

    I don't believe that Re-Bath refinishes claw-foot tubs. I think they just do new tubs and surrounds over old ones. We had a job like that done using Bath Fitters and were very pleased. Completely redone in one day. As for refinishing your old tub, you might check your phone book under something...
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    If you're recording VHS tapes to DVD, what's the best speed?

    Well, I think you should experiment. Take a disc and record a few minutes of a tape at each of the speeds and then choose the speed you like best. As for me, I don't care about wasting disc space, I want the best quality I can get. If quality isn't that important than one of the slower speeds...
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    Warner Brothers Films of the Fifties

    Even though TCM and Warner Bros. are owned by Time-Warner, they are in seperate divisions. TCM doesn't have any special rights to Warner Bros. films. If they want to show them they have to lease them like anybody else. It would be the same way if HBO wanted to run one of the films that TCM had...
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    Pilot on gas fireplace won't stay lit.

    I agree about holding the button down, but I've had hot water heaters where you had to hold it down for at least a minute and then very slowly let up on it. You might try that.