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    Improve your streaming audio: win an Arcam airDAC!

    I'd love to try this out in my semi-vintage Sony ES rig. I'm currently streaming a 2nd generation Airport Express to a Sony DAS-703ES DAC. It would be great to put it up against a modern high end unit.
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    Wanted: JBL Studio Series S310 speakers (black)

    I am looking for a pair of JBL Studio Series S310's. Anybody got the urge to upgrade? Mark
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    Viewing angle - how big of a deal is it, really?

    I have read many times that Plasma is superior to LCD when viewed at different angles. So I went to Best buy to see for myself and to be honest I did not notice any difference between the plasma and LCD screens when viewed offangle. Is this still a major factor or have LCDs gotten much...
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    SONY DA4ES Center Channel

    Don't know if you are still around but my guess is that the center channel speaker is set to [no] in the setup menu. Make sure it says [small] Mark
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    Flat panel that does OK with standard def material

    I am looking for a flat panel TV that does OK with standard def signals (primarily satelite TV Nintendo Wii, and DVD). 42-46", say $1300 tops. Viewing angle is going to be a big issue so I am thinking plasma. How much difference will I notice between one set and another on SD material? Is it...
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    The butchering of Grounded For Life

    I kind of liked this show. I think it is much better that the other crap they have on friday night (Reba and What I like about you)
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    When would you use the LFE only channel?

    I understood that on most better engineered soundtracks, there is little or no bass content below 70 hz or so sent to the surrounds. I have heard of people setting up a sub in front of their surround and then finding it to be a waste since there is no deep bass content anyway.
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    Sony SCD-C222ES

  9. Mark Hedges

    Sony SCD-C222ES

    Price reduced to $225.
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    UPDATE: Denon DVD-2200 and Sony SCD-CE595/ SCD-C2000ES SACD and Redbook Comparison

    Any idea how the SCD-2000ES compares to the SCD-C555es?
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    Sony SCD-C222ES

    For sale Sony SCD-C222ES. Operates perfectly. Very good cosmetic condition - no scratches etc. Remote, manual, and box included. I will also include the original reciept so you should be able to get the balance of the 5 year warrenty. Unit was purchased new in Sept. 2003 - selling because I got...
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    Good bookshelf speakers for, well, bookshelves.

    I am using JBL S38's in a bookshelf and think they sound OK. Probably not as good of a soundstage as if they were on stands but the bass is very respectable!
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    555es SACD Thump

    Basically they said that some of them (555ES's) do that and there was nothing they could do about it. They did replace some parts but it didn't help. The tech I spoke with said that if I was still unhappy with it they have some kind of buy-back program. I haven't looked into this yet but I...
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    555es SACD Thump

    Dug up this thread using search - I recently got a 555ES on audiogon and it has this problem pretty bad. It seems to make noise with a lot of SACD's. I have sent it back to Sony service (Bristol PA) twice and they say they can't fix it. Has anybody had this problem fixed, and if so do you...
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    Giving up on Bookshelves? (longish)

    If you can find them JBL's S38II speakers offered bass performance close to a floorstander (at least in a smaller room) in a bookshelf speaker. But they are very large for a bookshelf.