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    Quick Qusetion

    Thanx for the info. I want to run 4 fronts for a party. I think I will just run 2 pairs of speakers from the A terminals.
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    Quick Qusetion

    I want to hook up 4 speakers to my Yamaha R-xv 420 receiver, which setup would give nme more power? Option 1: Running all 4 speakers from the 2 main A channels @ 4 ohms. Option 2: Running 1 pair of speakers from the A main channels and a second set from the B Channels @ 8 ohms.
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    cheap subwoofer amplifier

    Yes it will.
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    New DIY sub: Death Star.

    The ultimate HT sub. So much power it can destroy planets. http://www.objectreality.co.uk/DeathStarPlans http://cgi.ebay.co.uk/ws/eBayISAPI.d...MEWA%3AIT&rd=1
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    Looking for small but powerful 2 channel amp

    linear power is finished. check out the new amps from Cadence. http://www.cadencestore.com/ProductC...ge=&ipagesize= small but has tons of power.
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    Mac mini or iMac?

    I would hold off until Apple switches over to Intel CPU's.
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    Source for long PC audio cable?

    25 feet long http://www.cablesforless.com/index.a...OD&ProdID=1699
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    Small monitor sugestions

    Instead of building an active xover why not just buy an adjustable active xover like something from Behringer or a cheap car xover with a wall wart for a power supply? That way you will be able to adjust xover points n the fly.
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    Atlas 12 or 15

    but what about the box size will 4 cubes be enough?
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    Atlas 12 or 15

    What would be better for movies in a 16 x 20 room? A 15 inch Atlas sealed (up to 4 cubic feet) with 350 watts or a 12 inch Atlas ported( up to 4 cubic feet with 350 watts?
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    Over fireplace mounting

    I'm doing the exact same thing tomarrow. Your TV should be at least 4 to 6 inches from the mantle.
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    Dorm Room Suggestions: MMG or Paradigm?

    Why not go for some over kill. http://www.pssl.com/bitemdetail.tpl?...04122101084468
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    I have a pair of SR 80’s and they really show how bad some music is recorded. Some songs I used to listen too all the time I have to skip because the sound so bad with these headphones. If you get a good pair of headphones make sure you have good source material to go with it.
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    Is there Dolby Digital encoding software for consumers?

    http://www.surcode.com/ does it automatically and there is a trial ver in adobe remier pro. Steinberg's Nuendo lets you place tracks in the left, right, center, rear channels. There are some more out there but thats a start.