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    I have new respect for Yamaha

    The only Yamaha receivers I didn't find bright are the new batch, and also the DSP-A1. The new batch of receivers have lost that harshness that have plagued older Yammies like the 2092, 2095, Z1, 2200, 630, and 730 which I have tried. All are great receivers, just with a bit of harsness on the...
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    I have new respect for Yamaha

    I have had a Yamaha RX-V2095 since '99 and recently took it in to be serviced. I had been using it in the bedroom system after I upgraded to a B&K preamp for the theater, but I always loved this receiver which was why I took it in instead of just getting rid of it. Anyway I went ahead and bought...
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    Anger Management Widescreen DVD Audio Problems?

    Jared, I think I know what you are talking about. While I wouldn't describe what I heard as "farting" I did hear an extra bit of harshness from the center channel. Kinda like a raspy, crackling sound during some loud shouting scenes.
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    Did anyone upgrade their Gattica to Superbit?

    Agreed with Matt. The Gattaca SB version is far better not only visualy, but fidelity wise too with the added DTS track. As a person who has OWNED both the SB version is worth the upgrade, by far.:)
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    ***Official Digital Video Essentials Discussion Thread***

    MatthewW, yeah I had the same thing happen with the sub. I went ahead and tried the new setting, but it just sounded incredibly week. I also noticed the DD/DTS sub settings were a little farther apart than what I had using the S&V setup disc. DTS sub setting was +7 on S&V and +13 with DVE higher...
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    The Most Beautiful Films Ever Made on DVD

    Yeah way to many to mention, but a few that I use regularly: AOTC (pretty much the whole movie) The Matrix (The rain scenes like Neo under the bridge are breathtaking) FOTR Seven Years in Tibet Seven The Count of Monte Cristo and alot more that deserve mention.
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    ***Official LOTR: The Two Towers DVD Discussion Thread*** -- All Posts Here; NO EXCEPTIONS

    Yeah, no problems here either using Mits WS65 and Tosh SD-9200. I thought for sure it would have appeared on my POS DVD player, but no.
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    Coverart: Tomb Raider 2

    Very cool! Fun action movie, and Angelina is HOT!! Never thought so until this film. Walked out of X2 (bleh!) and into this one, and I'm glad I did.:)
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    What are some upcoming US Superbit releases?

    OH HELL YEAH!! I'll second a Wild Things SB DVD. :D:D
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    Artisan planning a Total Recall "Extreme Edition"

    How about an Ultimate Edition of The Arrival? That's Artisan right?
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    What are some upcoming US Superbit releases?

    I have a feeling Godzilla will be in the next batch of SB releases. Hope I'm wrong. Tears of the Sun would be cool.
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    Spider-Man Superbit?

    Yeah, I hope they do this too. I won't sell my current copy though, I'll just add it to the kids library.:)
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    A very quick question about X-MEN 1.5's video

    No doubt. The DD on the first release was great, but DTS on the 1.5 disc kicks ass. Definitely the preferred version.
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    DTS and DD DVD Movie Releases

    In a perfect world they would go back to dual releases, and just limit the number of any movie released on DVD with DTS, just for us HT enthusiasts who prefer the higher fidelity of superior DTS sound. :)
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    Directors Your Dream DVD

    Actually, I already have 3 dream DVD's. Star Wars Eps 1&2 and The Matrix. The only thing better would be Reloaded, Revolutions, and EP3 when they are released.:)