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    Recommendations for some shorter John Wayne movies?

    "Tall in the Saddle (1944)". It is only 87 minutes long but it is one of my favorite Wayne westerns. Only available on DVD (No Blu-Ray). It is also available on Vudu.
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    The Searchers (1956)

    My favorite movie. Although it is a B western, I would recommend Tall in the Saddle. But, it is definitely second tier John Wayne.
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    523+ Best Picture Nominees in 365 Days attempt #2

    Warner Bros. had a Thin Man Collection set about 10 years ago. It had all 6 Thin Man movies and an extra disk call 'Alias Nick and Nora'. Unfortunately, it's OOP.
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    Favorite Christmas Episodes

    I watched the 3 WKRP IN CINCINNATI holiday episodes. I thought turkeys could fly. :lol:
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    Survey: Does HTF Load Faster On The New Server?

    The Blu-Ray Price Drop info now loads in a few seconds. Before it could take quite awhile and sometimes chrome would ask me if I wanted to kill the page request.
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    What is the rarest film ever you would like to be released on Blu-ray?

    Heaven Only Knows (1947) aka Montana Mike, a fantasy western. I remember watching this in the 60s on broadcast TV and have always wanted to see it again.
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    Kino Lorber Studio Classics - First Time on Blu-ray

    Great news. Glad to retire the DVDs. Now I'll have flashbacks of the years I worked in the Great Dismal Swamp.
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    T think the Gene Barry episodes are the best ones. If I remember correctly, Barry was in a lot more episodes than the other two leads.
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    What are your top 5 favorite shows from the 1960s?

    My favorites are: The Virginian Star Trek: TOS Twilight Zone The Outer Limits and The Time Tunnel
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    Star Trek: The Next Generation Season 6 (Blu-ray) Available For Preorder

    I was only going to upgrade Season 3. But I enjoyed it so much that I have bought Season 4 and will buy Seasons. 5 & 6. I hope that "All Good Things..." will be the separate movie release for Season 7 so that I can buy it and not the rest of the season.
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    The birth of the hobby

    I bought a VHS machine in the late 70s so that I could record shows from an LA pay service called "The Z Channel". Unfortunately, all of the tapes were lost when I moved. But, that was my start at collecting movies and TV shows. But, I rarely bought any prerecorded tapes. I didn't get...
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    What to do with all those optical discs?!

    I understand. The raid 6 controllers I supported cost $1,000,000. Probably a little to pricey for you :)
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    What to do with all those optical discs?!

    I use to be a san administrator and always software shadowed the hardware raid 5 disks. Before I retired we had the exact situation you describe where one disk failed and before the rebuild could be completed, another disk failed. The raid 5 set was lost. Fortunately, we had a raid 1 shadow...
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    Her - quick review

    All I can say is 11001001 and give me a little Minuet.