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    Will digital CD audio differ from player to player?

    Lee: If you're still around, could you please contact me by E-mail ([email protected]). Thanks... Larry
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    Who all makes bipolar/omnipolar speakers?

    The best omnipolars in the world are from MBL. Unfortunately, they are phenomenally expensive. Larry
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    amp classes??????

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    Outlaw 950 vs rotel rsp 1066

    Newbie question regarding the "double bass" issue: Is this audible, or is it more of a theoretical problem? Thanks. Larry
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    Feed Me Receivers

    Jack: I believe your previous post should have been addressed to Lee, not me. Larry
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    Feed Me Receivers

    Lee: If you rarely watch movies, only occasionally listen to CDs and never listen to the radio, why in the world do you want a home theater receiver? Larry
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    Do high end CD players actually make a difference?

    Robert and Lee: I sent each of you a private mail. I would appreciate it if you would let me know when you receive it. Regards, Larry
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    Paradigm vs B&W