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    Advice on these eBay speakers?

    They are probably fine for pool room speakers. I use $30 in-ceiling speakers from Parts Express and they work great in our bathroom/bedroom. You don't need exotic speakers for a 'utility' room unless you plan on also using it for critical listening.
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    Sony STR-DA7100 ES + Amp ?????

    The 7100 has digital amps. Using an external amp bypasses most of the reason to get the 7100 over it's cheaper cousins.
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    Yamaha RX-V4600....YPAO sucks

    That review does have some pretty negative comments about YAPO. It is sad that they rate the output power with 1 or 2 channels driven. I'd like to see it with 5 or 7 driven. I'm guessing Yamaha wouldn't post the review on their website if it showed the numbers from those tests.
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    Onix Reference One MKII

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    Voom goes Boom

    Philip - Satellite radio is growing in popularity and both services are adding thousands of subs every month. "Small customer base"??? I don't think so. Combined they have around 5M subs. XM forcasts 5M subs for themselves by the end of '05. I don't consider that a "small customer base." I...
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    Onix Rocket OD100 Outdoor speakers

    SOLD. For sale are my new in box Rocket OD100 outdoor speakers in white. The box is unopened. I purchased them but have decided I will be using something else for outdoor audio (wife wants rock speakers). $78 shipped anywhere in the continental US. Thanks for looking!
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    Onix Reference One MKII

    For sale are my Onix Reference One MKII loudspeakers in piano black finish. I also have a pair of MKIIs in Rosewood. You can purchase either pair (I have two and only need one). Note that both pair I have are the newer MKII version of the speaker. These speakers have no marks, scratches...
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    How about an integ. amp or receiver that colors the sound?

    Re: your Chaintech: are you sure you have ASIO or kernel streaming working so you have bit-perfect playback? You can tell by playing a DTS WAV file (I'm guessing you know this if you have the Chaintech but I'm just verifying :) ). If you don't have bit-perfect playback when Windows resamples to...
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    I have about $800 for a stereo receiver. . . . .

    If you are looking into NAD check out yawaaudio.com. The prices on the website are MSRP but if you email them they will email you a quote. They have great prices. I have purchased three NAD items from them and they have been great to deal with. Besides being a customer I have no affiliation...
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    What do I need? (Tubes and 2 channel audio)

    The Cayin TA-30 is a highly regarded integrated tube amp. Do a google search and you will find plenty of reviews.
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    Where to sell speakers

    audiogon.com - all audio related. If your equipment is in good shape and price correctly it should sell quickly. ebay.com - the old standby.
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    XM Roady2 Portable Unit

    The antenna works fine on the dash. The FM modulator works but does not sound anywhere near as good as the direction connection. I use a direct connection into my Alpine 9815, but for a 1/2 hour trip I tried the modulator. The bass was much weaker as was the treble.
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    RIP XMPCR, we hardly knew ye!

    My understanding is that someone wrote a program that would rip the songs as MP3s, complete with artist and song title information. It really wouldn't be that difficult to determine when the songs start/end since the title changes. What I find rediculous is that because of that they pulled...
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    Oy! Such a Bargain!

    Exactly...digital amplifiers are cheap right now but once Rotel/B&K/etc get ahold of them all of a sudden they will cost $1000 minimum. I also have a feeling that the $300 units will mysteriously sound worse than they do today.