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    What is the Best DVD-R Blank media

    Taiyo Yuden are the best DVD-R I have used. I might have mentioned it in this thread before, but it bears repeating. I have not had any burn issues in over 400 discs. Riteks are good too, but once I got a bad batch of 100, I switched to TY and have been problem free since. Kevin T
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    FS: Salamander Synergy Triple 20 Walnut/Black $900.00

    *bump* price reduced to $800 for everything plus shipping. i will sell just the triple 20, black floor glides, 3 interior shelves, and 3 black back panels for $500 plus shipping. shipping will be actual cost, but not more than $100. in other words, if shipping is $148, you pay $100. if...
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    FS: Salamander Synergy Triple 20 Walnut/Black $900.00

    *bump* updated photos and reduced price to reflect screw holes which would not be visible once assembled. price drop to $850.00 for all of it plus shipping. email me your zip code for a shipping quote. kevin t
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    Why does tin foil hurt your teeth when you bite it?

    i used to have several metal fillings and couldn't chew tin foil due to the pain (as if chewing tin foil is a hobby of mine). my current dentist replaced all my fillings with porcelain. it looks a lot better and now i can check on tin foil without a problem. yay! kevin t
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    Kosher Coke, or Mexican Coke made with real suger cane

    i tried mexican coke once, but i much prefer columbian. kevin t
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    Help with new Bed!

    skip the rope/makeshift clamp and get a ratcheting strap. good luck. kevin t
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    James Randi Offers $1 Million If Audiophiles Can Prove $7,250 Cables Are Better

    it appears that stereophile's michael fremer has answered mr. randi's challenge. now we'll have to wait and see who backs out first and for what reason. http://gizmodo.com/gadgets/calling-b...not-311034.php kevin t EDIT: nevermind....pear cable pulled out. just once, i'd like to read...
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    NCAA College Football 2007

    south florida falls to rutgers. i guess there's gonna be another mixup in the top 10. i'm still hoping the tigers can beat the tigers tomorrow. kevin t
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    RAM checking utility

    anybody know a freeware app for checking RAM. i downloaded memtest, but it won't check RAM larger than 768MB so i have to run multiple instances to check my 1GB stick and 512MB stick. it found 2 or 3 errors, but i have no idea which stick has the erros. i was hoping i could download a product...
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    NCAA College Football 2007

    i would just like to take this chance to request a moment of silence for the auburn tigers 2007 season. war eagle, my friends. war eagle.
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    FS: Sophia Electric Baby Integrated Amplifier (FREE SHIPPING) $425.00

    *bump* for new price $375 shipped
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    internet connection problem - help please

    it happens to pretty much any website i try to go to. i'll try connecting my modem directly to my computer to see if there is any issue. i don't have another computer on my network. i use the router to connect my slim devices squeezebox 3 in my living room to my music files on my hard drive...
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    internet connection problem - help please

    i don't use any type of filesharing. Kevin T