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    Any Thoughts On Dynaudio Contour 3.3's?

    New Contour series is out in March, so I would wait. The 3.3s are good, but honestly I think the 3.0s are better. Both take a lot of amp to drive to reference levels, so keep this in consideration. The Anniversary 25 is the Dyn speaker of the moment, as it has the Esotar tweeter which none...
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    B&W Nautilus 800 vs 805 sig

    Dave, did you hear the W/P 7s or 6s? And to the original poster, you might audition some Dynaudio 1.3SEs or even Annivarsary 25s. They are much more full range than the B&Ws, although a different house sound.
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    "High Quality" 2 channel systems and HT

    Craig, back to yhour original question. The M20s definitely like softer ss or tubes in the chain. Rowland Concentra is pretty darn good with them, and I would recommend the BAT 300x as an audition. I would definitely not pair them with anyhthing Bryston. Classe may be another option. Krell...
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    Need advice from M&K owners

    Chris, I considered actives, but they are less flexible over the longhaul and a bit pricy. I ended up with S150s across the front and a Sherbourn 5/1500a amp. Plenty of power. In fact, that with a B&K Ref 50 isn't much more than the Pioneer. BTW, if you need a good deal on M&Ks locally, i...
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    5K speakers to match Denon 5803 - My journey, & opinions wanted.

    Regarding B&W/Krell...this actually is a match made in heaven, and the combo is very well known synergistically. Particularly 802s and a 600cx (or new 700). Hence, you heard them at there best if setup anywhere remotely close. That said, check out Dynaudio speakers before you spend that kind...
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    Electra, Rockets or Thiel?

    Oh yeah, FWIW, if I went JM Labs, i would only look at the Utopia line. I have auditioned the other lines, and personally didn't feel they had bang for the buck. Thiels are a very different sound, and i agree with other posters that an audition is mandatory. For that big of a room, 2.3s probably...
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    Electra, Rockets or Thiel?

    M&K- www.mksound.com. They should have a distributor in the far east, as they have been around a long, long time. I would look at the S150 package for HT. As far as VMPS goes, shipping 260lb monoliths to Kuala Lumpur aint' gonna be cheap....not to menthion they are over 5k US to begin with...
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    Electra, Rockets or Thiel?

    If this is pretty much an HT only type setup, I really like M&K 150s...with B&K should be an excellent match (and I have a Ref 50 on order with mine) I would also look at the Dynaudio Contour series, as I tend to prefer them over the JM Labs.
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    Bose advertising at its best.....

    Say what you want, but as a company they are brilliant, and indeed the largest speaker manufacturer in the world. They also have the best resale out there due to price protection. Also to note, they really started the small satellites for ht idea, and as a result many other companys have brought...
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    Advise me on HT speakers (I know this is asked all the time, but...)

    If you liked the M&Ks, why not stick with them? You might just buy 3 150s for the front, and stick with your rears and sub to start...of course, you can get an entire 850 set for the price you want with appropriate discount if you prefer... I went the 150 route, and will upgrade rears and...
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    Looking at getting a Technics SLBD-22 Turntable for X-Mas

    I just bought MK3Ds for 399 a pop from Guitar Center new...
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    Considering buying a 5ch Amp - moving to seperates. Please Advise!

    A speaker upgrade would do more for you than an amp upgrade imho. Good luck!
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    Paradigm vs B&W

    LarryB, as usual, you and I agree so make that 3 :) Of course the board already knows my opinion of Paradigm and B&W, so won't go further. All my hi end friends think the same fwiw....although i will say B&W has the best resale in the biz
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    Paradigm price fixing

    I can get 25-30% easy off paradigm...don't understand why this thread exists. B&W and Rotel tend to be much more stingy/price protected (also evidenced by higher resale value)
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    My Grado SR-60's are extremely fatiguing...

    The Senns are a different sound as you mentioned, and can't be run off a portable or computer (they need a higher gain). Great if at home, but tough at the office or on the road. Also, i feel the senns are huge on my head, but that's just my opinion :)