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    Cotton (house) insulation

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    Philips 34pw9815 repair question

    I have a 5 year old Philips 34pw9815 34" wide HDTV that is starting to go south. It displays a 1" wide band all the way across the top of the picture. The bottom of the band is very bright and slowly returns to normal brightness as it goes up. It also curves in and straightens up as it goes up...
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    projecting thru glass?

    http://www.edmundoptics.com/onlineca...yid=39&level=2 Buy a larger size of one of these and keep the PJ as close as possible. Looks like they go to about 5" dia.
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    Wireless VGA Adapter?

    google wireless vga extender. True VGA extenders are pricey at $700+. If just for gaming the cheaper solutions might work. They downconvert the VGA to composite or s-video.
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    Question for MS Word Experts

    Open a new doc. Copy text from doc1. Return to new doc and do edit paste special. Select link and Word Document object. Repeat with various sections as needed.
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    Another Newbie Wiring Question

    Careful about using flex conduit. It's easy to install, but can be difficult to get wires thru. Always leave a string in the conduit to pull a new wire thru. Remember to attach a new string when you pull the wire so you still have one for future pulls.
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    Help me propose marriage...

    Here you go...:D http://www.jewelrygenius.com/frogRtop.html http://www.frognirvana.com/Merchant2...ode=Frog-Rings
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    My next cordless phone system - You may want to look at this

    Hi Ron, I've also been using the Siemens 2.4ghz for a couple of years now and my wife just went out and bought the Uniden Tru8885-2. We like it a lot more than the old one.
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    Adire sell direct?

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    Basement Ceiling Insulation

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    For Kit281 Owners - Questions

    It's only expensive if it's sold as speaker stuffing. Very cheap at WalMart, etc. (Pillow stuffing)
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    Hollow, tinny sound (but speakers wired correctly)

    If the speakers are out of phase you should be able to detect a drop in volume as you move in to the sweet spot. Try sitting in the center and lean left and right, then reverse phase and try again.
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    A university named after me - how cool!

    Hmmm, wonder what's named after me.:D
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    IR mouse and keyboard

    Anyone make a good IR combo anymore? Can't go RF for security reasons.
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    Printing up Bumper Stickers?