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    Don't like having your conversations recorded? Don't shop at Best Buy then!

    When in the world did Best Buy start asking for phone numbers? That happened to me just this evening. I was already under the impression that Best Buy (or at least the Bellevue, WA store) was going for the gold medal in the Olympic shark-jumping contest. An inferior DVD selection (one that...
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    Night vision questions for everyone - to help re-assure a post lasik surgery patient

    In my opinion... yep. There is no adequate artificial substitute for natural tears, which contain all sorts of agents that promote healing. Your doctor should be the ultimate authority on when you stop using the drops. However, I have never heard of anyone being told to keep using them past the...
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    Night vision questions for everyone - to help re-assure a post lasik surgery patient

    Since it's been a couple months since surgery, you should probably make a serious effort to wean yourself from the eyedrops. It will be very difficult, because eye drops are just about the most addictive substance on Earth. That may help with some of the symptoms -- it did in my case.
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    Night vision questions for everyone - to help re-assure a post lasik surgery patient

    I have very large pupils (about 8 mm in a dark room, which I measured preoperatively by holding a ruler up to my eye and shooting it with a flash camera), so I figured I would be trading off some night-vision quality when I had LASIK last May. I'd worn toric soft contacts for 15 years, and...
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    FCC: Over 99% of indecency complaints are from ONE group

    I changed the post to cite iD Software and Doom because that better reflects the statistics I was able to find quickly. I remember seeing one graph from the FBI that was published in David Grossman's anti-entertainment jeremiad "Stop Teaching Our Kids to Kill" that showed the overall national...
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    FCC: Over 99% of indecency complaints are from ONE group

    They aren't. That's what bugs me about the whole thing: our newfound sense of moral outrage is directed at a perceived statistical problem that doesn't even exist. Do some research before regurgitating what you've heard elsewhere. Right around the time id Software unleashed "Doom" on the...
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    Help with C Programming Assignment

    That would be like impressing your drill instructor by bringing a live grenade with you to boot camp. :thumbsdown:
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    So I had LASIC (Pictures, 500K)

    Your vision is likely to fluctuate for at least a few weeks. I could see only 20/30, 20/40 the day after my own surgery in Vancouver BC this year, but within a week to 10 days it zeroed in to around 20/15. At night, the effect is about like wearing moderately-dirty contact lenses. Not...
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    "Driving 101" or "People Can't drive"

    You didn't; I apologize if I gave the impression you did. However, there's no other explanation for the complaints from folks above who are upset about being passed while merging into traffic. This is a ridiculous thing to complain about. If someone can come up from behind you and keep you from...
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    "Driving 101" or "People Can't drive"

    You say that like it's a bad thing, but the truth is, excessive timidity on the part of drivers around here (Seattle area) costs us literally millions of man-hours per year stuck in traffic. It is not particularly "safe" to poke along in a merge lane at 30 MPH below the speed of traffic. Your...
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    "Driving 101" or "People Can't drive"

    Um, here's a helpful hint for those who are complaining of being passed in merging lanes: try the pedal on the right. Thank you, that is all. :)
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    Idling for several minutes before driving off in cold weather... why?

    Best to let it warm up only a minute or two, then drive away with a light foot on the gas until the oil temp comes up. If you just let the engine idle for long periods in the morning and then drive off normally, you're (a) risking carbon buildup in the engine; and (b) stressing the parts of...
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    *** Official SKY CAPTAIN AND THE WORLD OF TOMORROW Discussion Thread

    Well, there's a new one.
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    What is Corporate Casual?

    On casual Fridays, I sometimes wait until noon before changing out of my bathrobe. :emoji_thumbsup:
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    What's the difference between a speed hump and a speed bump?

    You could always teach your kids not to play in the street, but I guess that's out of fashion in the current zeitgeist, or something.