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    ht kits with ribbon tweeters?

    My Jordan JX92S with Aurum Cantus G2si ribbon mini-monitor design comes close to your needs. Check the Atlanta DIY speaker meeting comments at: http://maxhawk.bravepages.com/diyatl/ and a link to a kit at: http://www.creativesound.ca/details.php?model=J92R2KIT Jim
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    TB W3-871s hometheater done (pics)

    Wes, Those speakers look like jewels. You are a lot better with the P-E vinyl wrap than I am. I'm pleased to provide you a little help on them. I'm sure that your sister will be thrilled with their looks and especially their sound. Jim
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    W3871S Line Array

    This is the image that should have been shown in the last posting. I hope that the image link works this time. Otherwise try this: http://home.earthlink.net/~selahaudi...ges/LineUp.jpg Jim
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    W3871S Line Array

    A much better reference is my more current Near Field Line Array white paper at the referenced link. An array with 16 Tang Band W3-871S drivers per side (paired with a high quality Aurum Cantus G3 ribbon tweeter) is shown in the photo. Jim http://www.audiodiycentral.com/resource/pdf/nflawp.pdf
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    Jordan Jx92s

    ThomasW "Sorry but regardless of the hype they certainly aren't really 'fullrange' speakers. They've got no treble, got no bass. They aren't really designed for dynamics of home theater. They work best in a small room, playing chamber music when powered by flea sized S.E.T. amps" Have you...
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    Newbie looking into GR Alpha LS

    For what it is worth my Near Field Line Array White paper(see the link) covers most of the design issues and listening thoughts associated with line arrays. As co-developer of the Linus 2, you will find them to be a very nice line array. Parts and plans are available through...
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    my little line array project

    Tim, When you begin to have comb line effects what you would observe is that the sensitivity of the array decreases (loss of directivity) for higher frequencies. You may also detect off axis artifacts as you walk around the room with the right material. Now with an untrained listener and...
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    Question for the line array guys

    JOhn, Thanks for the updates on your data collections. I haven't seen a dip at the center of my arrays but I looking at 6 to 8 planar tweeters in a line so according to your results that is likely not to generate a dip. Again, I don't recommend tapering a planar or rbbon tweeter line as...
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    Line array as center channel?

    Thanks Dennis!
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    Line array as center channel?

    Jake, A line array that operates in the near field will have sound fall off that is one half the rate of a point source. But a line array can also operate in the far field wherein the sound falls off at the same rate as a point source. Conditions are given in my near field line array white...
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    Question for the line array guys

    Richard and John, Richard, if you haven't downloaded my latest line array white paper, you should as many of your questions are addressed within it. I don't have enough postings on this message board to include links but you can go to the audiodiycentral web site to down load a copy. That...
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    plan on building a subwoofer,need some advice

    I built a sub earlier this year with the Adire DPL12 driver and the RCMAkustik DT-300 digital amplifier. I uses a 15 inches cube sealed box which is heavily stuffed to bring the Qtc down to 0.71. This design models to be 3 dB down at 35 Hz but with boost and room gain it will go into the low...
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    Jordan JX92S Full Ranger

    Chris, For the record it is Jim Griffin--not Griffith. The Jordan JX92S mini-monitor design is a very nice, small speaker for a small to moderate size room. Especially nice for those listeners who like the coherency that a full range speaker provides. As with most speakers they are a...
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    Line array as center channel?

    If you use a near field line array for the left and right speaker channels, you may not even need a center channel. That is because the center image area is significantly larger with a near field array. In the near field the sound from a line array falls off at half the rate of point source...
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    SUPER ELF tidbit

    Al, You plotted both the Super ELF and ELF1.5 plots recently on your site and you have the same peak at 15 kHz on both plots. Don't be fooled by the fact that the ELF1.5 data is twice the scale (5 dB per major division) of the Super ELF (10 dB per major division). This is the same old trick...