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    B&W mains or something else

    A quick search of the Audiogon Blue Book listings yielded the following results: - 1996 - Original DM-600 "range" released - 1999 - DM-600 S2 "range" released - 2002 - DM-600 S3 "range" released If this trend continues, we should be seeing the S4's in 2005. Thoughts?
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    Downgrading to 5.1 on a $1000 Budget

    Justin: Those Paradigms and the Denon are a nice starting point for a 5.1 setup. I agree that some tweaking might be in order. Have you considered approaching your local Paradigm dealer with a request to demo a CC-470, a pair of Studio 20's and a PW-2200? I realize that kind of blows your...
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    Receiver advice...replacing Kenwood VR-309

    Rich: Another thing to consider is that the RX-V450, 550, 650, and 750 will be in US stores soon (if not already) to replace the RV-V440, 540, 640, and 740. You should probably shoot for one of the new ones or try to get a smokin' deal on a closeout of the old line. Might be able to step...
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    Receiver advice...replacing Kenwood VR-309

    Hey Rich. IMHO Yamaha offers the best bang for the buck in most of the price points they are in. It's difficult to match Yamaha's combination of features, quality, and price. You should be able to find an RX-V540 (or the HTR5650 which is the same unit) for $300. For more ideas you...
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    Looking to start my HT, one small step at a time. Starting with receivers / Fronts

    The RXV-1400 is an excellent piece and highly recommended on the boards. One thing though... You will not get any warranty coverage on a unit shipped up from the States. Peak may work on it for you, but you will have to pay for it yourself. If you do decide it's worth the risk to buy in...
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    Small Bookshelves for both music and movies? ($200 - 400)

    There is a poll on AVS right now titled Best Value in a Small Bookshelf. I think the size criteria there are a little more stringent than your friend's, but you should find some useful information in the accompanying thread. Hope that helps, Jeff
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    Looking to start my HT, one small step at a time. Starting with receivers / Fronts

    Marcel: I noticed your post with your room layout was hosted on the Dal Computer Science server so I am going to assume you live in Halifax, Nova Scotia. Since I'm in Halifax too and I help quite a few friends out with their first forays into Home Theater (and some subsequent forays as...
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    Dahlquist or Axiom?

    FrankHW: Just sent you a private message.
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    best bookshelf speakers under $200

    Jonathan: There is a poll going on at AVS right now entitled "Best value in a small bookshelf". Sounds like it may be of interest to you. Right now the Paradigm Atom is in the lead with the Axiom M2i in a close second place. There are also some interesting thoughts in the discussion...
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    RX-V1300 or RX-V1400

    Guys, unfortunately 6ave.com is out for anyone who is not a US resident. To quote from their help page: "Due to Manufacturers' Restrictions and Warranties, We Are Not Able to Process International Orders. We only accept Domestic (USA) credit cards. Orders with International Credit Cards will...
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    If you had $800...another one of those threads HELP

    Steven: It looks like you have the receiver and sub decided so I will concentrate on the speakers. Since this is a gift, I am also going to assume that you will be buying your receiver from an authorised dealer. With that assumption you will probably be spending about $400 for the VR7070...
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    Which receiver is the best?

    Matt: Here is a link to a page that many on this board are familiar with: Sound and Vision Test Results This guy has essentially put together a list of the test results from Sound and Vision over the years. It doesn't list all the current models but does give you a feel for how accurate...
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    Help me spend some money please!!!

    I have a friend going through a similar dilemma right now but he is just looking for fronts and a center. He has it narrowed down to the Monitor 7's, Axiom M60's, and something from Klipsch. What he can't get his head around is the fact that Klipsch is relatively quite a bit more expensive...
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    best buy

    Check out http://hometheater.valuecanuck.com for specs, including measurements, for quite a few speaker systems. They are organized by price but currently the price ranges stop at $1400. Also, you should probably check out this thread as well. It's a discussion of what is the best speaker...
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    Which receiver to buy????

    I'd have to say none of those brands would give you "a warm tube sound". Yamaha will offer the best overall quality of that group. Pioneer probably offers the best "bang for the buck", especially the 912. HK and Marantz are usually singled out as the most musical of the mainstream...