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    New Home Theater Design

    Thanks Man and John. So something more like this. I’m just using the Audio Advice tool to help w placement/visualization. It will not let me chose the sub locations or move the speakers. Wouldn’t moving the seats closer increase eye fatigue? I thought the benefit of being farther back was that...
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    New Home Theater Design

    I wasn’t looking to do an AT screen because I have read that the picture isn’t as good as a traditional screen. This is a better representation of where the speakers are going to be placed. As you can see the fronts are not in front of the screen, just the subs are. I was planning freestanding...
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    New Home Theater Design

    Is anyone using a Kaleidescape? I’m trying to understand how practical they are. We usually watch DVDs or streaming. https://www.kaleidescape.com/
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    New Home Theater Design

    Well we are slowly making progress . Here is sketch do the design
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    New Home Theater Design

    Why ported. I have always used sealed as I perceived them to have a tighter bass response
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    New Home Theater Design

    So I got a quote back from one of the vendors w recommendations. Here is what they suggested: Marantz SR6015 Receiver Marantz MM7055 amp Sony VPLVW715ES projector Stewart screen - 140 inch Focal 100IWLCR5 for fronts Focal 100IW6 for side/ rear Focal 100ICW8 for ceiling SVS sub I like Focals...
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    New Home Theater Design

    I’m building a new house and the Mrs has approved some funds for a new home theater. Layout is attached. Looking for thoughts on both equipment and design. Budget is around $40k for equipment and acoustic treatment. Room is wired for a 7.2.4 speaker system, projection TV and screen. Anyone know...